Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Manifestation of The Sacred Spirit

United Statesby Y  |  September 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM

My manifestation of The Sacred Spirit is an aura of energy pulsating within an endless loop filled with soft light. When I am inside this loop, I feel totally peaceful, like I imagine a baby must feel in a peaceful womb. I can create this aura whenever I want to because it is what I call the "twilight" between my waking and sleeping states. I often lie in bed for many minutes after I become aware that I am waking, simply to stay with this "floating" feeling. This is what I imagine my death will feel.
I feel and see all the events and people who have been with me in my life while my body is in these states. Some of them are within this pulsating energy field and some scare me with their anger and fears outside the sphere. The anger, fear, and sadness I experience is always a repeat of a disconnect between my spirit and that person's spirit in my own waking life. Some of the people are still physically alive and some are no longer in their physical bodies on earth, but their spirits are very alive to me in my semi-conscious state.
There are many relationships from which I've had to walk away in order not to have my spirit sucked out of me and destroyed. These relationships often visit me in my twilight and sleeping states. I know that any energy that I shared with another, whether positive or negative, stays with that other for all eternity, as does their energy stay eternally within me. I have learned that many of these relationships may not be healed in my physical lifetime, just as they were not healed in the lifetime of the estranged loved one.
My fear of the negative energy presenting itself while I am in my twilight and sleeping states has lessened now that I understand that my life energy will simply go back into the pool of all life energy. I no longer yearn for peace with each personal spirit; I concentrate on gathering and projecting as much positive energy as I can wherever I go and with whomever I encounter. I feel many times that the spirits who have been hounding me in my sleep are somehow soaking up some of this positive and it will help their angers and fears to subside. Maybe one night or early morning, I'll experience them fully within the circle.