Thursday, June 26, 2014

Please Don't Pray for Me

Please don't pray for me to your god unless I know of what your god is capable.

I want nothing to do with any entity that demands suffering or death from his or her own children, as a way to assuage his or her rage. Never do I want to answer to an entity that accepts incest as a way to advance the lines of those subject to him or her. Nor will my knee bend in supplication to one who allows forgiveness of sins, without any attempts at recompense to those whom we have harmed. The god we are told chose Abraham is not a god for me.

 It matters not to me whether you believe me to be in heaven or hell. No prayer on earth can change or erase the impact my energy has had on others. I have caused pain to many, some because they needed to purge poison from their pasts, and the only way to do so was to hold them until they broke. Others I have given great joy, to tide them over when the lives that they were living seemed nothing but dark clouds. Only in eternity will the energies be balanced. Nobody has control over the energies' eventual equilibrium.

What I want around me when I am in anguish, physical or mental, is a reminder of all the happy times we shared while I was not in pain. I care not what my future holds; my only important work is long-since completed. How I live from here on out is simply attempting to avoid causing pain.

Moses, Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, and Mandela are all examples of people on earth who must have experienced a different god. Abraham was simply wrong when he thought he heard the true god. The god of peace is the only eternal entity that heals the earth with willing human hands.

Don't pray for me, unless your hands are busy comforting my flesh and that of my loved ones. In my opinion there is no value in loving "pure and chaste from afar."