Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delivery from Death

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all know our time to die
And draw our loved ones around us to say proper good-byes?
Jesus had a big feast and invited all his best friends;
What a wonderful opportunity for them to all make amends.

He knew that it was Judas' ordained job to him betray,
Yet he did not, to Judas, have an angry word to say.
Perhaps Judas, in his heart, knew he was forgiven,
But he could not face the scorn of the other brethren.

Many years ago, I buried a much-loved mother-in-law;
Her death, for many months, the doctors foresaw.
We were not allowed to acknowledge our imminent loss;
Never having said good-bye has come at quite a cost.

One of the most beautiful gifts we can give one another
Is permission to find their eternal peace with another.
At death, this can enable the passing of positive energy,
And allow a loved one's soul, while living, to break free.

When our dear friend died, he wanted a deathbed party;
It took three days  for his body to let his soul be.
When my brother-in-law was leaving his earthly place,
His family gathered to say good-bye with loving grace.

When I suspect that loved ones are very near death,
With absorbing the essence of them, I become obsessed.
How wonderful it would be to able to plan a parting meal,
So we could, in each others' eyes, see the afterlife revealed.

I have not lost the most precious of my family that was ill,
And after much suffering, my spirit is rather still.
With one, I felt the need to prioritize more time,
Another needed to, at last, out of my protection climb.

My mother-in-law is still alive, and not just up above;
My children seem to have her well of boundless love.
This has been a year of my death and resurrection;
I am eternally grateful for my family's and friends' protection.