Monday, August 27, 2012

Secrets of Success

Understanding inspiration is more important than
Adhering to the rules of another generation's plan.
Assimilating the past is an important part of progress;
Without knowing history, we continue to regress.

But, when I question our ways, I continue being pointed
To historians, rather than to the new prophets anointed.
Do we really believe that Divinity hasn't "spoken"
To anyone since Jesus, Muhammed, or John Smith were god/men's tokens?

Has "God" been a misogynist since that beginning of time?
If so, to what plateaus should women attempt to climb?
I cannot see reasons for continuing to try following Christianity,
If from, the voices of wisdom, my presence will be free.

The religions have fought mothers' power to their own detriment;
They've destroyed all honor of authority, their disrespect was constant.
Aren't we tired of the swing of the pendulum from gods to goddesses?
Are we ready for the conversation that each faction may dread?

We all lose when we deny the strength or value of another,
We all have a place, be we father, mother, sister, or brother.
But each place is dependent on individual talents and grace
That makes us each a unique part of the whole human race. 

Let those who have only past ways and scriptures to adhere
Stop destroying the values that we now hold most dear.
The problem is that most don't reveal their failed experiments;
They only publish the successes that they are sent. 

Suffering in Solitude

We all must eventually accept the rights of others to suffer;
My objection is when they want me available as a buffer.
People often say they love another, and still do wrong,
While throwing tantrums or whining in a baby's sing-song.
Do they know what they do to the other's compassion,
When they style their behaviors in a false victim's fashion?

Consequences for one's own actions is the way to learn,
But our lack of consistent values is reason for concern.
We have created a society in which we're expected
To support others in following behaviors we've rejected.
I am not angry; I don't hate; but I'm finally done
With those who don't respect what I have become

Jesus was very clear that he wanted his disciples to stay
Away from his final suffering, as he began to pray.
This is compassionate bravery of the highest kind;
Claiming one's chosen suffering as simply mine.
Why do others become angry with our solitude?
Is it because we don't please them with our mood?

I am happy for those who see "God an an old man,
And for those to whom Jesus is their best friend.
I simply seek the light in the eyes of all of those
In whom justice and compassion together repose.
No more will I allow false words to fill my ears;
Positive action is the only "voice" I will hear.

I have gone into the emotional desert to pray,
To find the answer to where my new mission lay.
The path seems to point to where my faith began,
Before it was perverted by words and actions of man.
I am free from their guilt and have thrown off the shame;
To my manifestations of The Spirit, I now lay claim.