Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Attempt to Reverse My Ancestral Curse

The first faces of the Divine that any baby should see
Are the faces of his/her creators, through their sexual unity.
What horrors have been visited on humanity's perceptions
By the pursuit of human power through sacred sex's rejection.

Why must we believe that Mary was eternally a virgin,
And that her partner was denied as her physical husband?
They both came from families, groomed for centuries,
So that their precious progeny would, in sacred truth, lead.

I reject the notion that their child was more than human;
It is on his humanity that my desire to follow depends.
I wish I had more information on his life with his parents;
It seems to be missing, from his teens, and ever since.

Surely someone knows who taught the boy the Talmud;
There must have been rabbis by whom he was best understood.
I will never believe that his Jewish parents on this earth
Were not his first faces of "God" when he was given birth.

God's vengeance is a hoax to assume ultimate eternal power
Over The Sacred Spirit, with which all humans are showered.
If we go back to Genesis in defining each of ourselves,
"Heaven on earth" is where humans can still choose to dwell.

I love my parents and their wrong religion that damned me;
They were limited by what they were told they should see.
I believe that every spark of positive power that was shared
Lives on forever in those for, and by whom, we're cared.

The church of my mother denied heaven to my black nannies,
Even though their unfettered love is what surely saved me.
Jesus had a reason for proclaiming blessings on the wombs,
And black breasts that saved many from early tombs.

I'm a faith baby of the true followers of Jesus, who were black;
They nursed many a child as they and their children were attacked.
I long for a way to make up for the sins of my father and mother,
But I lack the understanding of my race's sisters and brothers.

The color of one's skin is not anyone's decision.
How can we continue to call racists "Christian?"
We must stand with the black parents and their sons;
Many of us owe their grandmothers what we've become.

I am constantly amazed by the capacity for joy in faith
The most oppressed of our people, their Jesus, imitate.
Their children continue to be brutalized for their color;
They suffer along with Mary, their savior's mother.

Religions have been perverted by those who seek personal power;
It is time that humans, on earth, responsible compassion, empower.
The only way I feel that can reverse some ancestral harm
Is the use of strong words, for sounding injustice's alarm.

The travails of humanity, as described by Genesis
Started with the secrecy on which Adam did insist.
Fully listening is the most sacred gift visited on humanity,
The grace from which humanity continues to flee.

Open up our hearts and our truths about our ancestral life,
Without religious predators who wish to, of each, take a slice.
It takes no money are talent to reach out a loving hand;
This is all that the new human covenant truly demands.