Friday, May 9, 2014

Three-Year-Olds Define Divinity

Anyone saying he or she speaks for any one god
Is both a great liar and a horribly corrupt thief.
They are guilty of ultimate earthly arrogance,
And the killing of innocents' hope and belief.

Why do we believe in visions of hope and love
From any child older than the magic age of three?
These are The Sacred Spirit's bodies on earth
That still clearly see our full family's unity.

Why do we, as frightened adults, spend time
Teaching them that their visions are wrong?
We stop them from telling their hope-filled stories
And convince them to stop singing their pure songs.

We then fill their innocent spirits with our own pain,
Teaching them to subject themselves to our fears.
How do we continue justifying teaching of untruths,
That, in so many places and times, have been made clear?

When will humans stop reversing ourselves
On our hard-earned and honored knowledge gained?
It was not the new insight of humanity that was wrong;
Perhaps the loss of community wasn't worth what remained.

God is simply the awe in every creature able to think;
It is wrong for shamans, witches and priests create fear.
All energy that is beyond our own capacity is awesome;
This is the only belief in divine otherness that I hold dear.