Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weak Woman

I have had trouble dealing with the women in my life for as long as I can remember. I have come to the conclusion that I've simply been dealing with the wrong women.

We southern women have been brought up to be duplicitous. Never are we to tell the truth if a sweet lie will keep everyone calm. To refuse a weeping woman anything her southern heart desires is seen by all bystanders as the worst kind of abuse. It is absolutely unheard of that one should continue to say no to a sweet southern woman who takes to her bed until one comes to his or her senses. A sweet southern woman simply doesn't understand the word "no," even though she uses it very freely herself.

Of course, with a southern woman of breeding, all meaning is in, not the words, but in the tilt of the head, the flinging of the hair, the look in the eyes, and the vocal inflections.  Unless one learns how to interpret the silent signals, one never knows what a southern woman really wants or means. This can be very dangerous, as a wronged sweet southern woman can be quite like a cobra. One never knows when, why, or where she will strike, but her strikes are usually deadly.

I have given up on southern sweetness, along with all the saintly sisters without any admitted sins. Since I still live in the south, this makes me out to be a ball-busting bitch in the eyes of those of strong southern breeding. I'll wear the label, but I will no longer carry the responsibility for the lack of courage in others.