Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hoping to Define Humanity

I wish humanity would realize that we're still following wild animal paths
Instead of honoring The Scared Spirit of our special powers, at last.
In the wild animal kingdom, it is survival of the physically strong;
We have the ability to push for survival of those who reject wrong.

We continue to offer our young males as animal breeders,
And elevate them, without judgement, to act as our leaders.
The excess males in the animal kingdom were sacrificed;
War and killing is the way we continue paying this price.

The birthing bed was changed to an altar for sacrificial virgins,
As a way for society, to the gods of war, make societies' amends.
It is time that we come to universal definitions of personhood,
Through common definitions of what separates evil from good.

Why do we continue procreating, when we have naught to give?
Do we believe it's a gift to share lives even we don't want to live?
The birth of an innocent child to a known abusive parent
Is collusion with the abuser, to the innocent child's detriment.

My angry outbursts at my baby girl had naught to do with her;
They were frustrations that abuse of my spirit did spur.
I sought counseling and began seeking paying work,
But my pregnancy with a son, my duty to my children, shirked.

I was becoming the abuser; this was very clear to me.
I ran to where I thought my spirit and children would be free,
But the opportunities presenting themselves in that social clime
Made no provisions for our most important family time.

We struggled as family, and we did make it through whole
It's time that the story of the complicity by me be told.
I was not strong and ready to lead before I became a mother;
This is why I could be destroyed by the opinion of another.

Children deserve to be born to mothers who will protect them.
Unless a woman has become able to stand eye-to-eye with men
She is not ready to take the reins of another's motherhood.
A child is not a puppy to make the community feel good.

I see too many women living in abject poverty
Showing off their offspring as a prize for all to see.
Society has no compassion when we have none ourselves;
The Sacred Spirit is the free will that, in humanity, dwells.

Responsible compassion for all life in the universe
Is a topic on which humanity may want to converse.
We have come to a point in competition for tribal territory
That we are in danger of ending, forever, the human story.

I am old, and I would gladly give my last earthly days
To mediate the discussions in which our leaders engage.
Continued life, without peace, seems pointless to me;
Beings without compassion are not my vision of humanity.