Monday, April 30, 2012

Good, God, and Girl Scouts

I sit at my window at the end of every day, looking out upon the water;
Today there's a sunset Coast Guard rescue happening in the harbor.
The sun and my thoughts become most brilliant before they slip away into dark;
What energy have I put into the world that I leave to my son and daughter?

I remember, as a Girl Scout, feeling weepy when we sang at taps,
Not because the day was going, but because of the intensity
Of  the unbelievable emotion that threatened to overwhelm me,
And at the glory of being allowed to experience such great majesty.

What beautiful lessons we learned by living in the arms of nature;
We celebrated the sunrise with reveille, a bugle call to embrace life,
And we raised the flag to celebrate our birth into a land of freedom.
We learned of responsibility; that I am the next generation's midwife.

"On my honor, I will try, to do my duty to God and to my country,
To help other people, at all times, and to obey the Girl Scout laws."
We were also taught to leave everywhere better than when we came;
These are lessons that, I'm happy to say, still give me pause.

What if we each took these old Girl Scout lessons to heart?
What if we each believed that we are to give more than we take?
What if we paused at sunrise and at sunset for wonder and gratitude?
Would we then be willing to, our intense hurry and our greed, forsake?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Androgynous Old Age

I think it is wonderful to become androgynous as we age;
This seems to calm the beasts in whom hormones rage.
Women no longer see other women as sexual threats,
And men no longer see sex as the way to win bets.

We begin to enjoy people for who they are inside,
Not as toys we take on wild adventuresome rides.
We are happy to accept each other with our failings
Self-deprecation is the basis of our conversational regalings.

Pity the old people still attached to the illusion of control;
They have missed the mark on what history has foretold:
There comes a time when each of us must pass the baton
To the next runner, before our ability to coach is gone.

How sad it is that we have become a race that adores
All that youth offers so much that we expect more.
We do not want to teach the next generation to lead;
We simply expect them to continue to feed our greed.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Believing in Boundaries

I believe that the biggest tragedy in life is to grow up to be a drain on society. Many people have pets and babies because they want to feel "loved" by a creature that is totally dependent on the good will of the parent/owner. This is not my definition of love; this is my definition of need, which is an altogether different thing. I don't think those who have lived lives of self-discipline should be made to support those who produce children for nothing but their own pleasure.

I love to watch parents tending their children with patience and self-discipline. I grow tired of the many who act as if their children are the responsibility of "the village." While watching feral animals is fun in small doses, I understand why we accept a doctrine that humans have dominion over the "lesser" animals. Someone has to be able to set boundaries for humanity to thrive.

I am really quite tired of the sanctimonious self-deification of those who rescue feral animals and birth lots of babies. Why do they think it's okay to kill a steer for food, but animals who do nothing but use resources without giving  back anything but adoration of their owners, are to be protected at all costs. If we all took responsibility for making sure that we only breed what and who have extra resources to offer, including humans, we would not have nearly so many discussions about who or what animals deserve to live.

While we all need to be needed, producing subjects for oneself is not the best way to go about filling this need. There are already so many creatures, human and not, that may become benefits to society if they are added to the lives of those who will teach them to be useful. There are also many who need to be helped as they enter the last days and moments of their lives. We honor only ourselves by producing children and breeding animals for nothing but to worship us.

I am so tired of having to act as if each "party favor" baby that a couple produces is going to grow up to benefit our earth. Humans are animals, supposedly with "souls," or at least the capacity for judgement and self-control. There are, sadly, also humans who are unable to make sound judgments, but even most of them can be trained to be a benefit to society. Some of the best employees I ever had were mentally challenged, but physically capable. Even the brightest parents can produce children with limited intellects because of gestation and birth traumas, illnesses and accidents.

Isn't it time that we accept the fact that it isn't god who makes babies; it's human beings, for their own purposes. God may give us the capacity, but we exert our power to make it happen, whether we should or not.

Overwhelming Emotion

I believe that the energy that we create and share in our lives
Will live on as long as those whom we have touched survive.
And all they touch will be impacted by those we have touched
This is why what each of us does matters so very much.

So often the brilliance of life causes me to look away;
There is only so much emotion that I can bear to display.
I am so very passionate about everything that I feel,
That many run away because my emotions are too real.

I did not often share my awe of sunsets with my children;
Their expressions of awe and wonder should be left to them.
The greatest challenge that I've faced as an accidental mother
Is that my emotions tend to, my children's feelings, smother.

My children have developed their own awe and gratitude,
Not dependent on feeling my every emotion and every mood.
I believe that this is the most precious gift that I've given them:
To know where they and I begin and where our overlap ends.

They are each highly passionate, in their own ways;
This is something for which, over the years, I've prayed.
I believe that our  passion, not pain, leads us to forgiving,
And that life without passion is something not worth living;

We cannot live on fear or pain as our overwhelming feelings;
We must embrace the joys that can bring such great healing.
As long as we celebrate the gifts that we're given every day,
We won't worry about what the afterlife will bring our way.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cats and a Duck Couple

Cats are squaring off to claim territory,
Though there are ordinances against them.
They had no interest in claiming the pool
Until a duck couple came in for a swim.

Of course neither are the ducks welcome
Anywhere on the condo property.
Maybe the cats think it their duty
To keep the pool duck couple free.

Watching creatures who are not trained
Reminds me that we're all animals;
Without exercising our judgement and will
We're subject only to instinct's pulls.

It is sad, but true, that there are some of us
Who are unable to make informed choices;
Shouldn't the rest of be evolved enough
Not to follow those who make the most noises?

From the beginning of recorded history,
We are told of the destruction of greed;
And yet, just like the cats and ducks in the wild
We claim much that we neither want nor need.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Walk Away

If I live every day as if it is my last
And honor the energy of others;
I may act like a person of the god
Believed in by my father and mother.

They never told me what their god looked like;
I knew by their lives what they believed.
They believed they should destroy the sin
In every child that they conceived.

They didn't do this with bonding;
They did it with rules and punishment.
This was the mission, they both believed,
For which parents and priests were sent.

They worshiped a god of wrath,
A terrible task master at best,
Who demanded his own son's blood
To put our ancestors' sins to rest.

Where my beliefs differ from theirs,
Is in how we see Divine Energy.
Rather than focusing on death and sin,
I look for The Life in all that I see.

This way is not always easy,
As this world is full of such pain;
But focusing on the light in others
Helps to make me feel whole again.

I am not good at holding hands
Of those who seek healing punishment.
I don't believe that punishing others
Is why any of us on earth were sent.

And so when I walk away
From another in deep distress,
It is only because I am weakening
In my ability to give my best.

It is not because hate the person
Or that I judge them to be wrong;
It is simply that in sight of their pain,
I know I'm not able to be strong.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saga of the Cents, Part II

Well, washing coins makes them worse.
Went to the bank with bags of soon-to-be bucks;
Started feeding the coin counter with great speed;
Soon broke the machine, and ran clear out of luck.

The bank management said don't continue.
The coins were clean, but water caused oxidation.
A man behind me explained with great authority
The rough surfaces caused mechanical constipation.

He suggested that I tumble the coins with sand
I knew I didn't want to buy this equipment
He said casinos clean their coins this way;
Maybe a casino will make this commitment.

I don't think washing is considered
The same thing as laundering money,
But the whole thing of cleaning coins
Just naturally seems to be quite funny.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wishing Well

We used to come home and cook; now we count coins. Well, we don't actually count them; we sort and wash them as the first part of the process of putting coins from the SMH wishing well (or fountain, to be exact) to good use.

SMH Foundation has long been receiving the coins retrieved from the lovely fountain at the Medical Office Building attached to SMH hospital. The SMH Foundation exists to help fund state-of-the-art medical care in the local community.While going through supplies that may be needed for the May 18 Rooftop Rendezvous "Beach Party Above the Boulevard" we came upon stashes of coins in several places. When asked about these bags of bucks, Jen Berger said, "We can't turn them in until they're washed." "Looks like a job for my favorite volunteer -- my husband!" I thought.

I should have had heavy duty shocks installed before loading all these coins in my car, but I did make it home without mishap. We stood at the sink for several hours, him sorting and me vinegar washing, rinsing, and drying assorted coinage from assorted countries. As I stood at the sink, I thought about all the people who must have stood at the fountain wishing that their loved one's cancer was cured or that the results of a PET scan or MRI would come back with good news.

Fifty pounds of pennies later, we're about a third of the way through the project, but we don't know if our bounty is clean enough for the coin counters. It's off to the bank with what we washed, so far. I certainly hope that this money can be put back into circulation; it may help somebody's wishes come true.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Faithful Friends

Is there anyone who knows you better than
The people who helped you become yourself?
And once we settle on who we will be,
Should we seek to please others or ourselves?

I've long felt wary of the public figures
Who seem like they are always on stage,
And who must mold and fit their personas
Into the tastes of every audience of every age.

I have come home to be with the people
Who help me be who I was meant to be.
They have high expectations of themselves,
But they make no demands on me.

They are people of high moral fiber
Who live lives that are the message.
Sharing my questions and beliefs with them
Doesn't take great amounts of courage.

They listen to me with ears of love,
Fitting mine into their sets of beliefs,
Rather than accusing me of heresy,
Which still can bring me great grief.

I don't claim to be a good Christian
Because my life just doesn't measure up,
But we are so blessed that in this great universe
We have friends who drink from the same cup.

Not at the cups offered at the altars in church,
But at supper tables with foods we have cooked.
We do this in memory of the oneness of faithful friends,
This most sacred of bonds that is often overlooked.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What We Must Ask Ourselves

Gayle wrote on her blog today: "Biblical poetry seems to be telling us that if we want to see God, the creator of heaven and earth, we should look to 'his image and likeness:'  that is, mankind in union with (of the same breath with) his creator, his fellow - man, and with the earth itself.  That is the harmony of paradise, where God freely walks and talks with man, where man freely walks and talks with his companion(s), and where man freely walks and talks with all of the earth."

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we are to wait for paradise after our deaths, or are we responsible for helping to create the harmony that we look forward to in Eternity while we walk the earth?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A "Dear Divinity" Kind of Question

A dear niece, who is the mother of two young boys, wrote to me: 'I saw this on fb recently and thought it might be just the right topic for your blog about spirituality. A church sign had this quote on it- "God is more welcoming and likely to give blessings to a kind atheist than to a hateful Christian." your thoughts? I think it's "on point." bc of all the hypocrisy and judgement that so many so called Christians practice. It seems to me that God's rule of thumb and clearest messages have to do with "love thy neighbor" and "he who is without sin should cast the first stone." kindness and purity of intention and heart are what it seems Jesus tried to demonstrate most to man. What do you think?"

She went on to ask: "Who is more likely to burn in Hell, the Christian who judged and hated everyone proudly, or the Athiest who was more understanding and accepting and loving though he denied knowing God?"

This led me ask myself, "What is an atheist?" and what is a "Christian?" It seems to me that only an idiot would deny that there is a Divine Power that is so much greater than anything on earth and that imbues everything on earth. Is an atheist one who believes that there is no such Awesome Power? Or is an atheist one who doesn't believe that anyone has the absolute answer to what this Power "looks" like? Over centuries, people have recorded their perceptions of the manifestations of this Power in their experiences. We have accepted some of them as sacred scriptures; others we have rejected.

I choose to believe that any experience that leads people to be their best and treat all of nature with respect is sacred, and that Christianity is a method for following the lead of many manifestations of Divinity embodied in one man. Christendom, however, is a political system that forces acceptance of the codification of one set of scriptures into the laws governing all of creation. My "god" is bigger than this.

What do all of my spi(ri)t sisters think?

Personality, Payments, and Pride

Is it wrong to take payment for what one sees as a sacred mission?
Without food, clothing, and shelter our missions can't come to fruition.
Are we meant to sit alone and pray for falling heavenly manna?
Or are we meant to pursue our callings with our greatest stamina?

I believe that taking care of our own needs is our first responsibility,
But I've missed the ability to share our resources with society,
And I have longed for being able to share the gifts of our largess.
I don't know if this comes from pride; I must honestly confess.

I simply enjoy planting seeds and watching changes grow.
For metamorphosis to happen, there is dormancy, then show.
It seems that I was given an excess of forceful personality,
And people seem to be attracted to and follow me.

Several times, I have been called to be a catalyst for change;
During most of my years of service, my upkeep was arranged.
Now I find myself as, once again, a breadwinner.
Does taking money for my vocation make me a sinner?

My children are good parents who don't need my interference;
Their children are almost grown, and need not my recompense.
The skill I bring to life is the ability to spread passion
In the little mountain hamlets, these virtues aren't in fashion.

This area where even the weather is violent in its expression,
Where if one believes in something, it is accepted as obsession,
Is a good match for someone as passionate as I am?
Is this is a Divinely inspired part of my Eternal plan?

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Could Learn to Live Like This

Fear makes people become deranged;
Passion has power to affect change.
Communities built on shared goals
Enjoy their progress as it unfolds.

Meeting people at dinner parties
And various other social sorties,
Where teams get together at an event,
With passion for a cause they represent.

The conversations are quite upbeat;
The latest gossip, we don't repeat.
Everyone is there to celebrate,
Positive changes their passion creates.

While it is true that I go with a mission,
Not quite as important as nuclear fission,
Working for the community for which we care
Is a passion I think that we can all share.

I can't believe that I'm being paid,
And have an assistant that's been engaged
To help to plan these occasions of bliss;
I could definitely learn to live like this.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sun Sprites and Other Delights

I still miss the rainbows that played on our windows when we lived right on the water.
Ripples reflected sun sprites through an unseen prism, that danced delightedly to me.
I know that there are scientific explanations for fairy dust and magic moments,
But I've never cared about who are what is, only what to me seemed to be.

I'll never forget the first time I heard each grandchild laugh out loud
To something that delighted only the innocent child's perception;
Simply sharing the delight that the child shared with me was magic
Though I know many say baby smiles are gas; that's their projection.

Was it a teaching moment for a lesson in science and natural phenomena
When grandson said the gulls were laughing and the sun was a ball he could touch?
Or was it a good time to enjoy his belief in life's wonderful manifestations
That I hope he and my other grandchildren always enjoy ever so much?

I am glad that there are those who figure out the ways nature works,
And those who help to mold nature to our earthly health and benefit,
But I also celebrate the child's, artists' and philosophers' souls
That have no patterns into which all nature should be forced to fit.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blow Winds Blow

Wind, waves, and driving rains --
Ah, it's good to be home again!
There is something about the sea
That makes me feel drama-free.

When things around me are too still,
I have the urge to seek a thrill.
When nature is creating movement,
My soul tends to feel content.

I'm always grateful for a safe place
To lay my head and say my grace.
Watching turmoil that stays outside
I know my life's a truly blessed ride.

Blow winds, blow, out to the sea;
From my cares you set me free.
The new currents will bring in
A fresh place for me to begin.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giving Back My Blessings

Friends of my daughter have complimented me
On the woman that she has become.
I answer them quite honestly that I only had
Sense enough to leave her and her calling alone.
She heard a more powerful voice than I ever had.

Her grandmother, who died as the babe grew in my womb,
Must have imparted her spirit to her grandchild,
And the fierce will that her grandmother possessed
Guided her through daughter, wife, and motherhood.
I'm humbled to have been chosen to nurture this special gift.

Her daughters are brought up to be mighty women;
What great seekers of earthly justice they can be!
How blessed I am that their mother has kept the faith,
And has continued to be true to the calling she was given.
Example and protection being what parents are meant to do.

 I have come through the darkest night of my soul,
When I feared my daughter's motherhood may be cut short.
I became greedy to hear her values so that I could stand in her stead.
I am so very grateful that she has lived to accomplish her goals,
Something that her grandmother was sadly unable to do.

There is nothing to replace a sense of mission in our lives;
There is not enough entertainment or life's drama.
For everyone there is a calling, whether we hear it or not.
If we ask ourselves daily how can we best serve,
We will find many ways to give back our blessings.

My children embody of all the special in their ancestors;
They are strong, generous, and kind as people and parents.
I never felt that they were given to me as gifts to keep,
Only spirits that were lent to me that I must safeguard.
I give back now by allowing them to truly fly on their own.

Mirrors of My Soul

My oldest granddaughter is almost eighteen;
In many cultures she'd already be married.
Thankfully, she lives in a country that allows
Her freedom to become her full self.

She has always had a head for numbers,
And she plans to become an engineer.
How wonderful that she is not yet limited
By the constant needs of her own family.

I don't know how today's families do it,
Juggling their careers and relationships.
I know that the couples have made changes
In terms of strict lines of gender roles.

Many is the husband who cooks the meals,
And the wife that earns the larger paycheck.
The work of the partners needs to be done;
It matters not who has the talent for each task.

Where my granddaughter will go from here,
And what path she will ultimately take,
My prayer for her is that she finds a partner
Who is equal in strength to her original home.

I hope she also finds kindness and laughter,
The kind of laughter that opens the soul.
And, if she should decide to become a mother,
That her children will be blessings to the world.

For she has been such a blessing to me,
As was her wonderful mother before her.
How little would I have accomplished in life
Without these young women to mirror my soul!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free to Flee

A journalist that I met at a recent meeting offered this: 

Prayer to Help Relinquish Anger

"Anger is perhaps the most destructive of emotions. It not only sends negative thoughts in the world, but it can raise our blood pressure, harden our hearts, and lead to illness or even death. Teachers of the Kabbalah, the ancient book of Jewish mysticism, suggest that before retiring for the night, the following blessing be recited:

"May I forgive anyone who has hurt me, on purpose or by accident, in this lifetime or in any other lifetime. May I forgive (name) and release my anger at this time."


"May (name) be blessed."


"May (name) receive God's healing grace."

Blessing someone at whom we are angry is not easy, especially at first. At the same time, it is unwise to force ourselves to forgive another person when we are not truly ready to do so. For this reason, a suggested alternative might be:

"Although I cannot do so now, I pray to be able to relinquish my anger towards (name) in the future."

With daily practice, the act of blessing those who have hurt us will become more natural. Remember that the purpose of these blessings is not to become friends with the person, or involve him or her in our daily life. Its primary goal is to help us relinquish anger towards them, thus allowing ourselves the inner healing and peace that results."

But how should we protect ourselves and those who are vulnerable from injustice if we give up even the healthy anger that keeps us on alert to evil? I do believe that it is possible to be angry with someone's actions without necessarily continuing to be angry with the perpetrator. I don't think it's healthy or wise to give up all anger. Though anger does cause stress, it is necessary in the struggle to overcome injustice. 

Many of us continue to invest needless energy into a cycle of empty anger. When I am free to change my circumstances, continuing to operate in an arena that encourages anger seems senseless. I must always remember that there are those who will not ever be positive influences in my life. I should reserve my anger for their actions, not for who they are. I should also feel free, once our incompatibility has been established, to exercise my right to walk away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Consensus Rather Than Competition

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -- FDR

Our country is seething with fear, and we seem intent on destroying all that we don't understand. The unknown is always a source of stress, but not all stress is to be avoided. A seed doesn't become a tree without the stress of change and growth. A society, like a plant, either grows or dies. I'd like the people who are at the ends of their lives to stop attempting to drag society backward because of their unwillingness to continue growing.

One great thing about the societal changes that have transpired in this era of equality and revisiting of all the values that had come before is the new understanding of management. Where leadership used to be based on fear, it is now seen as more effective to manage through team building. Team building requires open minds in all  parts of the team. I hope this is simply the tip of the iceberg of what future generations of organizations will experience.

Even our understanding of The Almighty has been affected by these changes. We now see ourselves as partners in the master plan of the universe, maybe not equal partners, but, nonetheless, partners with strengths that matter. I would love to see all scriptural references that allude to "fear of the Lord" to be reworded to read "awe of The Almighty." Maybe then, we'd all be more invested in doing that at which we excel than in avoiding making the honest mistakes necessary to the learning process.

Fear paralyzes me; awe inspires me. I am in awe of the knowledge and skills of many people; this makes me want to learn how to be part of their teams. When confronted with those from whom I fear ridicule or punishment, I spend much of my energy trying to hide my failings and protecting myself from harm. I don't believe that fear is the best way to run an organization, much less a universe; therefore, I don't believe that fear is meant to be the driving force of humans.

Even pets and work animals perform their best when approval of those to whom they're bonded is their motivation for success. Isn't it about time that we humans stop treating each other like less than animals? Isn't it time that we seek to build teams through consensus rather than continuing our mindless competitions?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Savoring the Sacred

What is it that makes ground sacred?
Is it the experiences that occurred in that place?
And what good have the experiences done us,
If moving away will the moments erase?

What we take time to savor completely
Will become a permanent part of us.
Wherever we share the truly sacred,
There becomes a bond of trust.

I would rather we create more heaven
In our hearts and in our homes;
Spreading it to others will guarantee
That we're never completely alone.

If home is where the heart is,
Do we share our souls with our hearts?
And in sharing our positive energy,
Do we, our own Divine spark, impart?

And does this make us all family
In a more meaningful way than birth?
And doesn't this make sacred
Everywhere we share on this earth?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home and Heaven

Perhaps it is a gift that my parents gave to me;
Every summer I can remember, I was set free.
I spent time with every relative that our family claimed;
Some of them couldn't even remember my name.

This taught me that home was not in one place;
It was anywhere where I was, by family, graced
I've lost far more homes than many, it is true;
Something my children were dragged through.

But perhaps I am blessed by this experience;
I've never had a home's permanent sense.
Perhaps if more people saw home as state of mind,
We would not, to geography,  be in such a bind.

Could it be that Heaven is what we create on earth?
And could Israel be more than one's place of birth?
And could Mecca be wherever one might choose to pray?
Would this make safer ground for all our children to play?

Monday, April 9, 2012

One with the Universe

I am so grateful to have been exposed to art;
I often feel sweet music playing inside my soul.
The ability to express Divine Energy is a gift;
Art, like the sunrise, must have this as its goal.

When I wake before the household,
I've always had a sense of peace.
Getting to work before the others
Helps my sense of centering increase.

Before I face the challenges
Of dealing with people and the day
I must find time for deep silence;
Some would say that I pray.

Sitting alone in the morning quiet,
I never hear a Holy Voice,
But I do invite The Holy Spirit
To help me make my day plan's choice.

Watching the sunrise on the harbor
I have a sense of oneness with the earth,
And in the silence before getting busy
I feel The Positive Power of The Universe.

I used to like to go to high mass;
This was when I was a child.
It was the only place that I felt peace;
Our family home was always wild.

The service I enjoyed attending,
Was sung in beautiful Latin song.
I felt I was lifted into Heaven;
There was no pressure to sing along.

God's voice was in another language;
It was my escape to another realm.
I never questioned The Almighty Power
Of The Great One at the Helm.

But this and all earthly things are illusive;
Temporary manifestations of Divine Energy.
My fond hope for the universal hereafter:
An eternity that is stress and language-free.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simply Sailing Away

How much patience it takes for folks to grow old together,
Where both of the couple need extra time for everything.
When a couple doesn't exercise patience when they're young,
How will they cope with the frustrations that old age brings?

I saw a car drive up; an older woman was driving;
Her man could hardly lift himself out of his seat.
He hobbled to the trunk for a walker while she waited;
When she stood, she couldn't straighten; he appeared weak.

They took a walk to the harbor, for what I'll never know.
I wonder if they may have been checking a sail or power boat.
Do they spend time dreaming of sailing to distant harbors.
If I see them drive up again, I'll have to take closer note.

I imagine that they must love each other dearly
To be able to help each other through their pains.
I wonder how many memories are their connection,
And, through their union, how much they've gained.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delivery from Death

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all know our time to die
And draw our loved ones around us to say proper good-byes?
Jesus had a big feast and invited all his best friends;
What a wonderful opportunity for them to all make amends.

He knew that it was Judas' ordained job to him betray,
Yet he did not, to Judas, have an angry word to say.
Perhaps Judas, in his heart, knew he was forgiven,
But he could not face the scorn of the other brethren.

Many years ago, I buried a much-loved mother-in-law;
Her death, for many months, the doctors foresaw.
We were not allowed to acknowledge our imminent loss;
Never having said good-bye has come at quite a cost.

One of the most beautiful gifts we can give one another
Is permission to find their eternal peace with another.
At death, this can enable the passing of positive energy,
And allow a loved one's soul, while living, to break free.

When our dear friend died, he wanted a deathbed party;
It took three days  for his body to let his soul be.
When my brother-in-law was leaving his earthly place,
His family gathered to say good-bye with loving grace.

When I suspect that loved ones are very near death,
With absorbing the essence of them, I become obsessed.
How wonderful it would be to able to plan a parting meal,
So we could, in each others' eyes, see the afterlife revealed.

I have not lost the most precious of my family that was ill,
And after much suffering, my spirit is rather still.
With one, I felt the need to prioritize more time,
Another needed to, at last, out of my protection climb.

My mother-in-law is still alive, and not just up above;
My children seem to have her well of boundless love.
This has been a year of my death and resurrection;
I am eternally grateful for my family's and friends' protection.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cashing in on Christmas

I decided a while ago that relationships aren't about gifts;
Don't give me little tokens as, out of my life, you drift.
When my grands used to ask, "What did you bring to me?"
"I brought you myself," I'd reply. "Your gift is what you see."

I used to have "special days" that I'd spend with granddaughters;
As these were birthday gifts, for their favorite activities we'd barter.
Some of them have gotten too busy, so I send them a check.
But today I had a holiday so I said, "Oh, what the heck!"

I took my daughter-in-law for a pedi and a manicure;
My granddaughter came along, a welcome surprise, for sure.
Then we went to their house and spent a few lovely hours
Making Easter foods and carving vegetable flowers.

A bit of swimming races in their backyard pool.
In less than an hour, granddaughter was too cool.
Granddaughter wants a day next week all to herself;
I am always honored not to be left on the shelf.

These are payments on Christmas gift certificates;
A special day doing what they want will always fit.
I also got good news about my job as I drove home;
Sometimes things work best when they are left alone.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some of The Spirit's Help

In the age past of strict patriarchy,
Women were considered responsibility free.
We are now blessed to have the choice of leading,
With the accompanying glory of succeeding.

I haven't before worked for a big company
Where people aren't really ever free
To do just as it pleases them to do.
In big companies, you're a part of a crew.

I am kind of liking divided responsibility,
Even though I suspect the blame will fall on me
If the  fundraiser doesn't raise enough funds
Permanent employees will, from responsibility, run.

I have no real mantel of authority 
So it's foolish to accept responsibility.
 I know this gives me the potential blame;
I'm being well-paid take the reigns.

Middle management can be challenging
With all the frustrations that it brings.
The upside is that I can walk away,
And begin guilt-free another day.

I'm working as hard as I possibly can
Enjoying being surrounded by humans.
I'm doing work that I know is important,
So I believe my time is still well-spent.

I do so hope that my work succeeds;
It will help fill our community's needs.
The only real pressure is within myself
I could use some of The Spirit's help.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Listening With Love

Is it what we say or how we say it?
Is it the music or how we play it?
To question someone is not to condemn;
Desire to understand is not a sin.

It is when we, without understanding, condemn
That we close the doors that let The Spirit in.
By sharing our innermost selves we see
The fruits of true shared intimacy.

I do so admire those who speak their truth
Without letting their prejudices loose.
I like communication in which all learn,
And respect is an important concern.

I've read that listening requires silent space,
Perhaps so that words can be touched with Grace.
To really listen before we speak our minds
Would surely make our own words more kind.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doubt and Devotion

Friendships, once formed, aren't easily broken,
Unless the word "friendship" is just a token
Of a relationship that stays on the surface,
Rather than life where we put others first.

We find ourselves torn by so many ties,
We can't keep up, no matter how we try.
I try very hard to leave large memories behind,
So that we'll always live in each others minds.

But there seems to always be strong longing
For the physical side to feelings of belonging,
The sight of a face, or the sound of a voice,
Perhaps a warm hug would be first choice.

The weight of emotion can be quite great
When we have so many people to celebrate.
How do others handle all they care about
Without beginning to, their devotion, doubt?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Notes and Negativity

Bubbles of memory drift over and pop;
I have often begged for them to stop.
Even the joyful ones can cause pain
For the things I can't live over again.

My life has been so full of wonder;
But cynics have torn my heart asunder.
I came to hide inside my head;
Others were a cause for dread.

I have no problem with doubt
Of what I like to think about.
But why do others want to destroy
Those who insist on seeing joy?

Are they afraid there's not enough,
And we won't share our "stuff?"
Or are they afraid their hearts will break
If joy, in their hearts, claims a stake?

I am attempting to engage once again,
Hoping the joy will outweigh the pain.
Will I ever learn not to take personally
All the universe's negativity?

It is true that when we block all that's sad,
We also block much that makes us glad.
You can't put your elbow on one piano key
Without hitting more notes than were meant to be.

So I will now seek to actively filter
The negative that throws me off kilter.
I will no longer take it as my mission
To heal all of the earth's divisions.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cherished Children

Sundays are a day of delight, with my man and I enjoying each other;
It used to also be the day that I could enjoy being a mother.
So now we sit and greet the day having coffee by the water,
Watching together the boats as they leave the harbor.

We have extra snuggle time, because we're in no hurry,
And the children we may see are children who aren't our worry
We use the day for family time and visits to the elderly;
Of course, most the old folks we visit are related to me.

But what really makes my heart race with joyful anticipation
Is seeing young people in whose upbringing we had participation.
Our children, nieces, and nephews are now fully grown,
And many of them now have children of their own.

It is a delight to observe young people who share our values
To know that when narcissism calls, they reject it's pull.
Babies brought up by people of morally committed community
Are the future of what I hope our world comes to be.