Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simply Sailing Away

How much patience it takes for folks to grow old together,
Where both of the couple need extra time for everything.
When a couple doesn't exercise patience when they're young,
How will they cope with the frustrations that old age brings?

I saw a car drive up; an older woman was driving;
Her man could hardly lift himself out of his seat.
He hobbled to the trunk for a walker while she waited;
When she stood, she couldn't straighten; he appeared weak.

They took a walk to the harbor, for what I'll never know.
I wonder if they may have been checking a sail or power boat.
Do they spend time dreaming of sailing to distant harbors.
If I see them drive up again, I'll have to take closer note.

I imagine that they must love each other dearly
To be able to help each other through their pains.
I wonder how many memories are their connection,
And, through their union, how much they've gained.