Sunday, December 22, 2013

Promise of Pentecost

I believe that humanity has been taught that we can't be fully human with accepting the dogma of others about what defines religion or a deity to be believed. I simply don't believe that anyone on earth, at any time in human history, has been able to grasp the entirety of the awesome that encompasses the universe. I do believe that there is evidence of a mystery, inconceivable to the minds of humans, in everyday manifestations of the physical universe.

Scientists and spiritualists are two sides of the same coin; they both attempt to put words and easily assimilated visions of what is wondrous into words around which we can wrap our finite minds. We will never find the end of the loop because there is no beginning or end. They are both the same, as in a Möbius strip. Inside and outside never end; they only continue in the paths of each other.

I choose not to limit my manifestations of The Sacred Spirit by what others tell me it looks (looked) like to them in their worldviews. I refuse to believe that The Sacred Spirit was only revealed to males. I refuse to believe that The Sacred Spirit stopped "speaking" almost two thousand years ago.

I believe in the Promise of Pentecost. All who want to be sacred can grab themselves some of The Sacred Spirit, either directly or through contact with those who glow with this grace and are willing to be touched by others in need.

Pentecost and Pondering

The day that counts the most in my spirituality
Is the day that The Sacred Spirit, was finally set free.
For centuries the Breath of the Universe was captured
By those who, by only what they saw, were enraptured.

To people of the Pentecost who continue to wait
For The Second coming, I simply can't relate.
The message of this great day is very clear to me;
The Sacred Spirit has always manifested in eternity.

Generation, by generation, tribe by tribe,
Each species awakened to reasons we're alive.
Why do we continue to insist that the way is back?
When Pentecost played out, there was nothing that we lacked.

We must stop listening to those who promote fear;
That they are also afraid, should be most clear.
We don't need to follow those who are, themselves, afraid
When the path that Jesus walked was so carefully laid.

Each human has the capacity to join the family of faith
In the great capacity of community in the human race.
Those who set us against each other are to be scorned,
Stripped of the status with which they've been adorned.

The ways of The Sacred are that we feel most alive
When with those who only wish for The Spirit to thrive.
We must shield ourselves from naysayers until we are strong;
They, and their fearful followers, are the ones in the wrong.

The ways of the fearful boast, ridicule, and bully others;
I don't understand how they attract sisters and brothers.
Those who walk the path of joy and, in others, belief
Seem to be the one's in life who are most subject to grief.

I cannot, any longer, be made to feel afraid
Now that my children's adult paths have been laid.
It was only for them that I held my wrath back;
The bullies will always, the most vulnerable, attack.

My words have been honed and carefully sharpened;
They are the weapons on which I most depend.
Nobody has the answer to the great mysteries of life;
What we experience in our totality will have to suffice.

I will not stay silent when a child is ridiculed
Because he or she sees "God" in a rippling pool.
I'll not be party to those saying babies are born in sin;
This only allows the fearful charlatans to come in.

There is no space in The Sacred Spirit's life for fear;
There is only awe for all that we naturally hold most dear.
We must stop expecting that we'll ever fully understand;
That, to me, is the beauty of being simply human.

To each person is given a small piece to the whole puzzle;
Without all the pieces, the picture won't be full.
It matters not in what generation all the answers are given;
The cooperation in the puzzle is how we create earthly heaven.

Perhaps, when we complete the puzzle, the world will end;
Meanwhile, I hope to make many more eternal friends.
Have you ever done a puzzle where all pieces are black or white?
This is the world vision that we continue to fight.

All the pieces fit in some version of the puzzle's whole.
All the religions of the earth have parts of truth told.
Just like a map of the earth and maps of the universe,
The shapes only give us points on which to converse.

We're meant to attempts at common language, to be sure;
Though all the universe can only be described in metaphor.
Awe is only possible when we don't fully understand.
Pondering mystery is the greatest gift of being human.

Friday, December 20, 2013


I was taught to accept the example of Jesus’ ways;
Jesus often felt betrayed, in his last few days.
Those who turned against me, I soon forgave,
While I continue to be the one considered most depraved.

I have long been persecuted for the manner of my ways.
How long am I to bear what was, for Jesus, only three days?
It has been too many years that I have taken the punishment
For the sins of those who had no pressure to repent.

I’ve stood between many abusers and their intended prey,
Only to be told that I’m the one who should be put away.
I am tired of living in this world of such hypocrisy
I often ask myself if dying is the only way I’ll ever be free.

It seems to have worked for Jesus, as he died physically,
Leaving behind the essence of his great spirituality.
Those who admit that my strength emboldened them,
May, after my death, feel that I was truly their friend.

I never sought to conquer, only to be a part of a team,
But this is clearly not the message that most of them gleaned.
I am too strong for most to feel comfortable taking the lead,
But I can no longer pretend that I’m willing to have no need.

What would Jesus have done if Peter had stayed awake,
And convinced Judas, his betrayal plan, to forsake?
Would this have produced another generation of saviors,
Children of Jesus, with exemplary human behaviors?
I believe that, in many ways, Jesus got off rather easy,
Though his route of death makes most feel quite queasy.
There are many things that, I believe, are worse than death.
Solidarity in professed values is what would give me rest.

Who am I to expect this degree of loyalty,
When even Jesus was betrayed while in his misery?
I am a simple human, not born to his superior ancestry;
I am doing the best I can in what I was sent to be.

I have been repeatedly told that I should disappear
Before I negate the memories of those who held me dear.
I am ready to die, but it appears not my time;
I must now descend, so that others I love can climb.

Is this the reason Jesus assented to be crucified;
He knew that others would not have even tried?
If they continued to depend on his greater strength,
They’d ignore the missions on which they had been sent.

Where is my cross? Where is my tomb?
Even my mother cursed me from her womb.
I wish not to live with no mother, father or friend.
My chosen family’s betrayal has become my end.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Un-killing Christ

As a six-year-old child, I knelt in front of the Nativity scene sobbing because I had been told that my sins helped kill Jesus, the Christ. I had a baby brother that I deeply loved, and knew that I'd never purposely hurt him, but how could I un-kill Jesus?

In preparation for my First Holy Communion, I had to learn about how God had made His Only Begotten Son to have him killed as a sacrifice to Himself to atone for the sins committed by all the people God had put on earth, prior to the death of Jesus. While I still wasn't clear on how we could un-kill Jesus, I was taught how sinful I was, and how there was really nothing I could do to become saved, except be scared of God as a form of humble worship. This did make some sense to me, as this was how my parents and other authority figures imposed order.

Physical punishment, and fear of it, were the common ways to train up children and treat those deemed less worthy than yourself, like servants, the non-Catholics, and the handicapped. The Roman Catholic Church, we were taught, had the only power to get you past eternal suffering in hell. Even our unborn baby sibling would never see God because he/she wasn't able to be baptized by a Roman Catholic priest.

Our mother felt no need to be with us, as we were the responsibility of God through the fathers, sisters, and mothers of our mother the church. Our father was away on business most of the time. Whenever he returned, his job was to administer justice, according to the commands of the church, as accepted by our mother. All mothers who gave their wombs over to creating Soldiers of Christ were considered beyond reproach. This only encouraged our mother in her neglect of her family as she ministered to strangers.

At the same time, it encouraged all manner of depraved individual to prey on the feral children of the unprotected mother and the absent father. Sadly, this included several of our "spiritual fathers and mothers" in the garb of the priests and other "consecrated" and "anointed" people of  religious orders and the clergy.

While I continue to grieve for the pain of all born into humanity, I no longer feel guilty for any offenses that I cannot make right. I continue to feel the pain of others as they make choices that cause them to suffer, as did Jesus, but I no longer believe he had no choice with God than to die. I do believe he chose this path to prove his devotion to his mission of saving us on earth. I also hurt for all parents who, with great pain, both physical and spiritual, make the choice to bring up babies in the way that The Sacred Spirit offers to all on earth.

I refuse to believe in the rape of a virgin by a God who forces Himself on others. I refuse to believe that Jesus had any more grace than what was handed down to him by his ancestors and his teachers on earth. To believe in either is to make excuses for why we can't follow in the footsteps of this most Joyful Jew, Jesus.

Welcome, Baby Jesus. I still love you as my most sacred baby brother.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Embracing Our Eternity

I long to give my loved ones much deserved rest,
Knowing they are weary from trying their best.
But they act as if my love makes them weak,
Refusing, my sheltering arms, to seek.

Why does my strength make them afraid?
Isn't sheltering the task for which I was made?
Is it that many trees are feared in the storm,
Rather than being seen as shelters from harm?

Must all shelter be as solid as a rock cave?
In earthquakes, these don't, many lives, save.
Our nation has become a nation of fear,
Distrusting compassion that I hold most dear.

We have turned our society into animals
Who, with family and tribal mistrust, are full.
We have drawn ever further into isolation,
Protecting our own, as the greatest creations.

Fear serves the purpose of controlling behavior,
As long as animals believe in a strong savior.
To say that religions promoting fear are true
Is to deny what Jesus said that humans should do.

To say that The Sacred isn't, on earth, manifest,
Is to say that Genesis should not be professed.
It is easier to invent faces and names for gods
Than to honor The Sacred on this earth we trod.

When we bow to The Sacred Spirit in each other,
We acknowledge The Spirit as "father" and "mother".
Only through male and female sacred sexual energy
Has The Spirit become manifest in what we've come to be.

The complexity of the manifestations continues to evolve,
As mysteries of not-knowing are constantly resolved.
Perhaps it is the plight of each civilization to metamorphose
Into new gestation chambers for The Holy Ghost.

Perhaps physical manifestations will not be needed
When the imperative of harmony on earth is heeded.
I embrace the thought that the energy manifest in me
Will one day be part of energy that is limit free.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Curse of the Universe?

Do not give up my sisters whose mothers suckled me at their breasts;
I am an example of the strength to which their loving lives did attest.
I have been abused as one not fitting into my ancestral community;
Can I help but cleave to the loving spirits that were offered to me?

The womb that bore me was jealous when her breasts were dry;
She became more incensed the more my surrogate mothers tried.
Where was her understanding of Christianity as loving example,
In which the responsible compassion of our nannies was ample?

My mother had been brainwashed into a despotic religion,
Into which the example of Jesus simply led to more division.
The Roman examples of leadership came to bear on faith;
The life of joy by Jesus soon came, to his example, erase.

Generations of family values are handed down as sacred,
In which each family member stands completely naked.
The strengths of one may be seen as weakness by others,
Until the use for each talent is put to use by their mothers.

This may be the way that western civilizations have evolved.
Until all earthly problems have, by humans, been solved,
We must continue to treat all human insight as sacred scripture,
Without confining our books of the divine to traditional strictures.

There is no beginning and no end to understanding of eternity;
Those who attempt to explain are as limited as any of we.
The secret to peace on our shared planet in the vast universe
Is to look for commonalities in religions that have been given birth.

When we find the common thread that defines our humanity,
Perhaps we will succeed in creating a world that is war free.
The question imposed on our lives of constant challenging change,
Would you find peace on our earth to be unbearably strange?

Perhaps we could decrease the fear of an eternity of boredom
If we start to honor the message from which peace on earth did come.
What if we all bonded on what we each want to do in eternity?
Would we all be freed of the limits to what we all can eternally be?

What if we believed all sacred energy is shown in manifestations
In all life, including humans of all times, all colors, and all nations?
What if we believed that salvation was the ultimate universal unity
Combining again all  manifestations of The Scared Spirit of Eternity?

I believe we could preserve rituals that appeal to diverse groups
Without finding fault with the various paths to eternal truths.
Any who have parented know that the path to each child's soul
Doesn't unequivocally deny the understandings of society as a whole.

Can we agree to celebrate responsible human compassion
No matter the politics or religious rituals that are in fashion?
The earth upon which we live may be a beacon for the universe;
I, for one, don't want to be part of a civilization that was a curse.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When I Was One

I am not sure how they remained so nice:
The women of color who, their sons, sacrifice,
To continue the sacred lines of their ancestors,
Knowing that whites think we're their betters.

Isn't it time that we stop trying to "pass"
For people who ruled with fear in our pasts?
My heritage has been so hidden from me
That "white" is all that other people see.

As an elder said, while in sacred circle,
We're all indigenous; that's the miracle.
I spent my life feeling African and Jew,
But I have shared this with only a few.

Is it my ancestors reaching out to me,
Or is it their strength that I clearly see?
I can't walk on ground that I don't know,
So to bond to the people of today I go.

There were some mothers of color there,
Who, their pain for their children, did share.
In their countries of origin, children are raped;
We slaughter their youth, in The United States.

We say we all hunger when they are starving.
What action do these impassioned words bring?
We could form a society of "other mothers"
To share resources with our dark sisters and brothers.

My children are grown, but I have the will,
To share my power and self, justice to instill.
I will be an avenging angel to another's son,
As my brown mother was to me at the age of one.

Monday, November 11, 2013

After Alchemy - A Focused Female Fight

Can we continue the conversations, brought up from the depths of our souls,
Or will we carry on at home as if, each in isolation, can be whole?
How I long for a circle with my strongest friends,
To continue in Alchemy, as the conference now ends.

I felt more in tune with the women admitting they are warriors;
Praying while in action is the way that I approach any cause.
There are many women warriors fighting only through prayer;
Do they have no action toward which to direct the rage that we share?

While we are admitting that our world is in emergency,
It seems, now is not the time to be seeking sweet serenity.
I was not trained for woman's circle, which caused some discomfort.
My old patterns of conversation, and relationships, may have hurt.

I was called down, more than once, for my obvious anger.
Did those calling me down feel that they were in danger?
Righteous anger is killing us, when it's internalized;
It is a potent fuel for action, when it's realized.

When a woman feels her family is about to be attacked,
A protective, outraged mother can stop a bear in it's tracks.
It doesn't escalate to violence, in most cases of threats,
The angrier she is, the bigger her aura gets.

We must stop licking our own wounds; the pain will not disappear.
We must channel our pain and anger to protect what we hold dear.
Who will be our leaders, uniting all the peaceful clans?
Who will be our warriors to do the work the battle demands?

Who will feed our community? Food holds us all together.
Who will hold the babies and keep the youngsters on their tethers?
Who will tend to our dying and elderly as their spirits return to the universe?
These are the topics around which I'm desperate to converse.

How much longer do we women have to hold our passions in check?
An impenetrable circle is the way to, our communities, protect.
If each woman's circle connected their talents for action with every other,
We could change the world with the strong chain of earth mothers.

Each woman must proclaim and offer her one greatest power;
No one person can hold more than one position in the eleventh hour.
We must celebrate and trust the committed competence of each other;
The earth can't resist the pressure of a singly focused chain of mothers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

At Alchemy Sunday at 6:00a.m.

Wars are often started by only one word,
Misunderstood by the one who heard.
Few words bear universal meaning;
There is no method for absolute screening.

I came here to learn and also to teach;
Now tired of explaining the words that I speak.
Frustration is natural in explaining;
We must protect against anger remaining.

There are many who will walk away;
Few who will take the time to stay.
Relationships are not easily formed;
Words can do them irreparable harm.

We so often shy away from confrontation,
Putting salve over our wounds and frustration.
But the energy expanded in clarification
Is the only method for healing our nations.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

At Alchemy Saturday at 6:00

I want to hold Henry, but I have no right.
With my own son, I seem to have lost the fight.
I did my best to protect him from harm,
But could not fight his own deadly charm.

There are many mothers, more gentle than me;
They take care of what, in the now, they see.
Their cores of calm flow through them,
An into even the baby men.

How calm I feel as a great grandmother,
Seeing the competence of an actual mother.
She has no fear as others take him
So gently that they do not wake him.

How wonderful it must be to have a tribe,
To shelter you so your child will thrive.
I had a circle when my babies were born;
But one by one they were each gone.

As will this circle be, when I return home,
Leaving me feeling even more alone.
My computer will become my closest friend,
The one on whom I can always depend.

How I wish to be part of a tribal council,
Where grandparents enable the possible.
When all share their strengths with the tribe,
The protection of young spirits is never denied.

Where even old women dance and howl at the moon,
Knowing that grief will follow too soon.
Who will be there while I cry,
As my loved one's bodies die?

Who will laugh with me while I pray
With no words? There are none left to say.
I know that, in life, the most sacred friend
Is the one there with me at the end.

I know that many mothers here
Are put off by my three-year-old cheer.
But it is the only way that I feel safe
When in such a sacred women's place.

The other me is like God the Father;
I don't know how to be submissive daughter.
My mother feared me for training my dad,
At nine months, with the strength I had.

Only with my grandchildren am I calm;
Their parents offer, to my fears, a balm.
But even they have gone away,
Tired of what I have to say.

There is no place for a burnt out mother
Except to save our wisdom for the others.
My greatest fear about my death,
Is when it comes, all my friends will have left

Even this fear has been assuaged;
An angel, here, my fear massaged.
There are those who will sing me to sleep,
When it is time for my loved ones to weep.

Until that time, I will smile upon young parents
Who honor the job for which they were sent.
The bringing up of a child in the way he should go
Is the greatest mission a person will ever know.

Friday, November 8, 2013

At Alchemy Friday 5:30a.m.

I am at Alchemy, something for which I have longed, seemingly forever.
I am in the presence of 150 women of wisdom and personal power, and I feel so small.
Many of these women are just starting on the adventure of full womanhood;
I am in awe of their courage to come together in a room so teaming with strong spirits.

Are they sure the spirits entering them through the air, their ears and eyes will be loving?
Ritual breaks down barriers, and let's the spirit breaths of others into our sacred souls.
We pretend that all mother spirits are life giving, but I know this not to be true.
I am tired of being picked to death by mothers wanting to have me conform.

It takes only a look or a gasp to inform me that I've crossed the line from "lady-like".
I am not a lady. I am a warrior woman, fighting to my own death to reclaim my sacred son.
Never have I felt my daddy's energy so powerfully; even his mother is here in this fight.
Is it an accident that their is a boy baby at my table? It is for him that I offer up my prayers.

I don't want a world of women. I want a world men and women are the doulas of each others' souls.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I AM infinite

I am fond of a joke that goes something like this, "If you are good to a dog, the dog comes to believe that you are a god; If you are good to a cat, the cat comes to believe that he/she is a god."

It seems to me that cats are not ever truly domesticated unless they become best friends with a domesticated dog who will teach them some manners. Perhaps humans should be dividing themselves into those who like being feral cats and those who want to be domesticated dogs. They should wear clothing that signifies what they prefer to be, so we know what to expect of them and in their tribes.

I know that a lot of people wear "gang" insignia, be the insignia of their favorite sports team, their school colors, signs of their religious affiliation, or actual violent gang signs. I appreciate this, so that I can attempt to avoid getting on the wrong side of their ways of treating outsiders. I am not sure why it angers so many people to see signs of "gang" affiliation.

I can usually observe from a distance before deciding whether or not the person or non-human animal seems safe for me to approach. What is wrong with simply crossing the street to avoid confrontation with those we don't understand? Why do we buy into fear as an automatic response to all that appear to be not "like us?"

There are many who belong to animal  rescue organizations, promoting the good qualities of animals that are thought to be intrinsically violent. I submit that the way the animals are taught to be more gentle is to be worked with one-on-one by people who look them in the eye, speaks gently and teaches them what is expected in their new homes. Is this the way we "rescue" humans who have been abandoned by "polite" society before they end up in a prison ministry. I think not.

Many western rules are based on the ten commandments. The problem with these commandments is that they speak to others about what others should do. Perhaps we'd have more luck with people actually living by them as examples to others if the were reworded as positive messages of what we "shall" do, and worn on our bodies, so that we could hold each other accountable for the examples we are embodying:

1. I will see The Sacred Spirit in all creation, and will honor that spirit above all.

2. I will not attempt to limit the vision of The Sacred Spirit to an earthly image.

3. I will not use any image of The Sacred Spirit to manipulate another to my will.

4. I will be grateful for every day, and will rejoice with others on a regular basis.

5. I will honor my history by seeking to overcome the examples embodies in fear, and multiply the blessings.

6. I will seek to see The Sacred Spirit in all who wish to do me and my children harm, killing only when all other methods of sharing The Sacred Spirit have been attempted.

7. I will build The Sacred Spirit through bonding with others, and will not introduce into these sacred bonds that which will loosen them.

8. I will be humble enough to ask for what I need, being willing to learn to earn it. I will pay life-sustaining wages to all who help in my own efforts.

9. I will say encouraging words to and about everyone I encounter, so that each person may see and share The Sacred Spirit with me and others that they encounter.

10.  I will rejoice with others as they work to build security for their families and all communities on earth, and will use my own talents to assist in this effort toward justice.

To sum it all up, we can see The Sacred Spirit in all around us, and nurture The Sacred Spirit in all. Just in case people still don't get the message that "God" is I AM  to the infinite power. That means all that is special on earth and in "heaven."

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hoping for Full Humanity

Our efforts should not be about silencing our sons;
It is not only women who have been silenced by society
We should be about teaching our sons their own voices,
But boys are told those with forethought aren't manly.

Those who have set themselves up as priests and prophets
Have stolen the voices of the humblest family man.
The wives have been lulled by pastoral sweetness,
As their husbands work as hard as they can.

"Give us the breadwinners' hard-earned money;
We will use it as sacrifice to the jealous gods.
Manna will surely fall from the heavens,
If on the path we lay out you commit to trod.

We are the intermediaries, without whom you're damned.
Demanding nothing from you, in the form of remuneration.
God, without man, will provide all your family needs;
We substitutes for your husbands offer salvation.

It is arrogance to honor accomplishments of man;
Only "God" can offer anything worth having on earth.
Only the learned can approach the Great Power,
And, of them, we continue creating a dearth."

We must honor the sweat, the blood, and the flesh
Of those making physical presence on earth possible.
There are so many talents proclaiming The Sacred Spirit
In which full human potential is most bountiful.

The arrogance is in relegating those who nurture and serve
To the lowest rungs of income and honored human dignity.
Giving over the power to those promoting mortal fear
In al who with them dare to disagree

I sang this song to my sacred son hoping to keep open his heart:

Talk; talk, My Baby;
It's okay to talk,
When you're wondering, when you're knowing,
It's okay to talk.

Sing, sing, My Baby;
It's okay to sing.
When you're joyful, when you're saddened,
It's okay to sing.

Laugh; laugh, My baby;
It's okay to laugh.
When you're joyful, when you're funny,
It's okay to laugh.

Love; love, My baby;
It's okay to love.
When you're feeling soft and so warm,
It's okay to love.

Cry, cry, My baby;
It's okay to cry.
When you're hurting, when you're grieving,
It's okay to cry.

It worked for many years with me and all around him. He was such a precious one, who charmed all with his wide-open acceptance. He is now pressured by many in his circle, and his own shame at being a "mama's boy", to be angry with his "feminine side."

I have been rejected, and can no longer see the children of my son. I pray every day that our society will take the stigma off of each human being balanced between our "masculine" and "feminine" selves.

Monday, October 28, 2013

HaMakom and Mensch-ism

"The Omnipresent" (literally, The Place) (Hebrew: המקום) Jewish tradition refers to God as "The Place" to signify that God is, so to speak, the address of all existence. -wikipedia

There is no gender designation, nor any anthropomorphism. It seems to me that men continue to create gods who demand shedding of blood at the hands of each other in order to divide creation into their own manageable parts. Why do we continue to accept their stories of war and conquest as "sacred scripture?"

It is time to, not only look at accepted scriptures with earth-loving eyes; it is also time to unveil our own sacred scriptures and accept them into a new canon and covenant. The ability to become fully human has been with homo sapiens for too many generations for our nations to continue acting as marauding animals, destroying all outside their own prides, packs, clans, cackles, etc.

Procreation of our own genetics is simply an animal instinct. Responsible compassion for our earth and all the resources herein, and the decision to bring more mouths to feed into the world only when the resources are abundantly available, are parts of the nature of full humanity. This is the difference between sacred sexuality and simple sex. 

Anything that dims the light of free will in homo sapiens: drugs, alcohol, fear, addictions, is a threat to each human and the whole of humanity by reducing us to our base animal instincts. So many conceive while in these states and gestate their young while in these states, that it is questionable that their young will ever be capable of having or exercising full free will. These homo sapiens can never reach the full potential of their humanity without free will, but with careful, compassionate, responsible care, they can continue in creating greater sacred energy with their lives.

We all live in the same "Place" when we share in responsible compassion for all around us. We are the authors of peace on earth when we accept the challenges of being parts of fully formed humanity. The Yiddish have a term for those who exhibit this full humanity, a real "mensch." Maybe we need to form a world religion of "Menschism."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Co-Creating Community of Responsible Compassion

Where does vomit and diarrhea fit into The Sacred Scriptures? It is so easy to talk about heroics that include blood caused by war and sacrifices of flesh to the gods, but nobody wants to talk about the heroics of carrying on with your responsibilities when your womb is bleeding every month to expel a readiness that was not, and may never be, needed. Nor do we discuss the chores that are still done when this same process has the woman doubled over with pain. We simply walk away or continue to call out, "When are you going to feel better and take care of your responsibilities?"

Physicians refuse to remove the offending organ unless the physician determines that it is diseased. They willingly remove a man's reproductive capability as soon as the man asks for the operation and pays the going price. Dis-ease is defined as that which makes a person feels discomfort. Why do we allow physicians to decide when our discomfort becomes dis-ease and when it is simply another burden we have to bear because our ancestors angered the wrong god?

Before paternity could be proven, a woman was grateful for any man who would support her and her offspring.Though she may have been forced to bear the offspring, at least she had some hope of help in feeding herself and her family.Childbearing was a bit more progressed than in the purely animal environment, but not by a large measure. The lucky children were born to people who wanted to protect their family seed in order that the children could take care of them as they weakened, and to continue their lineage. Sex-on-demand was the reward human males were to receive in exchange for resources given to the mother to support her life and to enable her to parent the offspring. Of course, that usually doesn't happen when babies are vomiting on the mother.

It seems to me not an accident that human males became more attentive to their children when birth control for women became readily available and effective. It also seems to me that men became more open to having themselves sterilized when DNA analysis began to prove paternity. All the religions in all the world, for all of human history didn't scare people, through promises of peace or punishment in the afterlife, into behaving with responsible compassion toward their own offspring or other vulnerable parts of the population.

The religious people had a back door of sacrifice to the gods in order to redeem themselves in their own minds and communities. The children were often the scapegoats in these efforts. The non-religious felt no sense of wrongdoing, unless and until, they got caught and the wrongdoing could be blamed on them. Neither really believed that training the children in responsible compassion, through parental example, was important until science changed our ability to hold each other accountable for our actions.

We are still animals in human skin. Sex without committed compassion connected to committed community is simply the satisfaction of animal instinct, like eating and eliminating our waste products from our bladders and bowels. The promise of  family levels of commitment comes from religions; but, in fact, the blood of our own families is still stronger incentive to care for the young than is the blood of the animals sacrificed to "God" or gods.

It takes many years of devotion and example to bring a child up to their full capacity for humanity. Responsible compassion must be modeled for our animal selves to trust in the power of passion of a community not of our own blood. So few people in today's society take the time to passionately and compassionately parent their own offspring; the commitment is even more rare in parenting the offspring of others. Is it any wonder the we still experience both  territorial alpha and scared, submissive animals in many of our social endeavors?

Even Heaven is seen as having only so many seats, so the tribes continue to fight for supremacy in their sacrifices to their "God." We reap what we sow on earth. When will we realize that we have to work at being each fully human here on earth, while we build a community committed to creation of heaven on earth with each other?

Until this time comes, it seems to me that abortion is more responsible than the abuse of the poor little homo sapiens who may never have any human teach them how to become fully human themselves.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Take Time To...

When will we stop waiting for the beginnings of salvation?
I believe the heavenly hereafter starts with our earthly nations.
We don't see The Sacred Spirit's manifestations that surround us;
Competition with others is all most seem to discuss.

I've seen how three-year-olds believe in including everyone;
Each also wants to control all the actions for their own fun.
We are told to have faith like that of children; with this I agree,
But we can't force people to see The Sacred Spirit that we see.

Explain yellow to a blind man; the sound of wind to the deaf;
Making "god" a father makes the abused child more bereft.
We should each testify to our own earthly sacred experience
This is the source of sacred scripture, from the beginning and since.

Yet we accept that there's only a limited number of manifestations
Of a power so immense and varied, it is the source of all creation.
The Sacred Spirit is all around us, and especially available to humans
Because free will, and not heredity, is that on which our spirits depend.

We can choose lives that are filled by depriving sisters and brothers,
Or we can blossom in the sharing of the talents of ourselves and others.
We continue to point to the failed patterns of the "sacred" past,
And repeat the same behaviors, though our choices are so vast.

Instead of standing in the streets inviting strangers to our tables,
We are hiding provisions and weapons in our storage stables.
Any path based on fear will never be a true path to peace;
It's time that the "god" of blood lust and war, we finally release.

Are we happy to go backward, where humans were more afraid?
Are do we want to make of all humanity our neighbors, instead?
With hearts to help neighbors, we listen to voices of division.
Based on their immature fears, we make our uninformed decisions.

I've never met a person on earth who had nothing good to teach me,
Even if it was only how, from his or her way of life, to be free.
I've often gone away simply scratching my head in disbelief
That some of the person's behaviors, he/she saw no reason to cease.

In choosing a band of buddies, I prefer those who live in big tents;
I believe that inclusion of all is the mission for which humans are meant.
We have so many ways to perceive and to communicate our perceptions,
Why accept the authority of any one group's acceptance or rejections?

The rich tapestry of life on earth is a pleasure to watch unfold and change.
Even death, if we accept it as new life will, our perceptions, rearrange.
If we see each life on earth as part of the universal life complete,
There will be no reason in humans, for a limited afterlife, to compete.

Does a tree that dies and feeds the soil ask what other lives it will nurture?
Why are we humans so fixated on our individual eternal futures?
It's enough to know that whatever sacred energy that we sow on earth
Is, in eternity, a source of continuing The Sacred Spirit's rebirth.

I know there are many on earth who have been afraid of me,
But there are also many who seem to see The Sacred Spirit that I see.
To some, I am a saint; to some I am anathema or an enemy;
I attempt to make amends, but the balance is left to eternity.

My energy blended with all the eternal energy manifested on the earth,
If balanced as positive, will feed into other positive manifestations' birth.
If what I have contributed balances out as negative energy,
In the best case, my influence will eventually cease to be.

Some have had such powerful positive lives that they still radiate
Energy that inflames the passions of those who wish, them, to emulate.
I would love to radiate such a powerful positive that I will live forever,
Not in one person or plant, but in many life-affirming endeavors.

We call people prophets who walk directly through history
And predict new answers that aren't accepted as probabilities.
Prophets aren't sent to tell humanity what has already transpired;
They are sent to tell humans the possibilities they haven't tried.

There are many who have given their lives over to instruct humans
On the ways that the universe needs us combined as eternal friends.
Perhaps we really don't want to combine all sacred spiritual energy
Because we envision, without conflict, earth will be interest free.

It would be nice if we would try peace on earth as an experiment;
It seems that this would give us a glimpse of the eternal firmament.
There's excitement in watching new growth, as there is in conquest.
It only takes humans slowing down to put peace to the test.

Take time to smell and prune the roses and to comfort a crying baby,
Time to appreciate all effort that went into creating food that's savory,
Time to appreciate the sight, smell, touch, and taste of a lover or child;
We may realize the heavenly space is happening on earth all the while

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How We Think of Jesus

What if Jesus was simply our big brother, sent to set an example?
Why do we have to believe in magic to see his life as ample?
Wouldn't it be more powerful to believe him human, like us?
We may then have more about our own behaviors to discuss.

I know I cannot follow in the steps of an unearthly god,
Even if he took on physical form, while on earth he trod.
But if a man's exemplary life was drawn from ancestors,
This is a way of teaching that most of humankind prefers.

We are, at our cores, animals who learn by following;
Only a few on earth can teach with what they sing.
That our exemplar was born by other means than we
Sets a bad example for our hopes of sacred eternity.

If humans are created as manifestations of The Sacred Spirit
Why do we shut down any avenues for each to hear it?
To test for any voice of the sacred, we should come to agree
That each human represents "God" to some minor degree?

No loving father demands the death of his own sacred son;
Even earlier animals protect the lives that they have begun.
Why have we decided that going backward in evolution
Is the best way to seek humanity's peaceful solution?

Free will to choose only oneself or the best for humanity
Is the great message that has come from humanity's religiosity.
I believe that Jesus, as a man from an observant Jewish family,
Sacrificed himself to his beliefs, for all his world to see.

Those who follow in his steps of non-violent persuasion
Continue to be the most valuable strength of any nation.
Non-violent resistance comes with patient sacrifice;
Immediate gratification of violence will never suffice.

People and societies who will not wait and carefully listen
Will never get the most carefully thought out decisions.
Sanctions against those wanting only excitable attention
Are subject to change, if sent to anonymous detention.

The greatest difference between human and other animals
Is the free will for which most full humans are grateful.
When we kill the frontal lobe with drugs and hatred
The results of procreation are animals that are spiritually naked.

Jesus, it seems to me, taught that it doesn't matter who are your parents;
You should look for The Sacred Spirit's message for why you're sent.
He lived in a way to give us ample personal ways to find our paths
To create a "heaven" that begins on earth, and will eternally last.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hermeneutics and Heresy

I'm grinding turtle meat today with my mother's mixer
That i salvaged from the things my sisters scorned.
From the day she decided to embrace the sister
Of the dark side of religion, I've felt completely forlorn.

It really never mattered to me that i was an embarrassment,
As long as i could see her living by her stated beliefs.
I thought that shaming children was why parents are sent;
But religious rules were human relationships' thieves.

My mother was neglectful and an abusive parent,
She sacrificed her husband and children to a jealous God.
But she was told that purification was why she was sent,
And why, toward human perfection, she continued to prod.

She demanded that I and my sister take her homemaker place,
No matter that neither of us had been trained for the role.
Oldest sister was considered a victim and I was considered a disgrace;
Our older siblings were the only two our parents considered whole.

One was a oldest boy sibling, being bred to be a bullying patriarch;
We were punished for defying them and for following his example.
The other was a saintly parrot; we were to worship her every remark.
They denied that her defiance of the rules was more than ample.

There was no parenting energy left after the two heirs apparent;
At the age of four, I was thrown into my mother's parenthood role.
We children were left to find adults who weren't always absent.
A four-year-old could not reasonably guide their bodies or souls.

This inability didn't absolve me from the sin of corrupting them
My mother's spirit was broken and mine, apparently, was not.
I was the one my siblings thought to be their powerful friend;
My needs, as a vulnerable child, were by  all others, forgot.

For how many years I've felt the shame of not living up;
I was called stupid and sinful for my every childish mistake.
As my preparation for holy communion overflowed my cup,
This is when my heart and soul did completely break.

There was no hope left for me if my sins had killed baby Jesus.
My mothers had already rejected me as, on earth, hopeless.
Nobody would tell me how to turn back the killing apparatus;
There was apparently no path to my salvation we could discuss.

How cruel it is to put the death of Jesus on a naive child;
They believe, without question, what their parents tell them.
I have forever kept myself apart from trusting the religious mild,
To protect the vulnerable from those who say they are friends.

A friend doesn't scare you and tell you, you will suffer in eternity
Because you broke a few of the tribal relationships rules.
A friend will take you aside and explain all the club's idiosyncrasies
And hand you, with no obligation, all the relationship's necessary tools.

But what of those who have been tortured and killed for hypocrisy,
The ones who believed that universal truth is her own reward?
Am I expected to live by what i think is Jesus-follower heresy?
My choices are isolation or falling on my own heretical sword?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Learning Life's Language; Seeing The Sacred Spirit

When we are small children we learn the languages of those on whom we depend for our physical well-being. We are taught that all parents, especially mothers "love" their children, even though reality says something entirely different. The` truth is just too terrible for many to contemplate, so they deny that it can be possible.

Many parents are actually destroying their children's spirits with anger, fear, and physical deprivation, but we insist that they are loving their children. Quite often, this is reinforced by the words of the parents. Words don't speak what is in the spirit nearly as loudly as do the other physical manifestations of responsible compassion, and lack thereof. Words are nothing more than physical vibrations of energy. We experience emotion, especially as pre-verbal (and pre-birth) infants,  more through the vibrations of tone and other actions rather than through words.

Many speak of hearing the voice of God actually speaking words to them. They say that they hear the voice of their father god or their mother goddess. It would be wonderful if we could record these sounds to hear how much these "voices" match the voices of earthly beings who, at some time, actually spoke with them.  It would seem that the voices would sound much like people who had made the person feel safe, or afraid, or ashamed, depending on one's perception of what a god does for and to people on earth.

Some people experience life and love through manifestations of energy that don't include voice. Do people born deaf "hear" God speaking in the same way as do those who can actually process sound waves? We can't know because we can't hear with another person's verbal processing parts of the brain.

I cannot "see" the same "face" or "hear" the same "voice" of God that my friend sees and hears because I have different photos in my head of what evokes feelings of safety, or fear, or shame. It is like we have learned two different languages. This is especially true when hearing of the god of the pre-Jesus sacred scriptures, the god of Jesus, and the god of The Holy Spirit. My siblings experience our deceased parents in much different manifestations than I do. My friends and family sense The Sacred Spirit in much different manifestations than I do.

In order for me to experience my children's or my husband's love, I don't have to hear them, see them, or physically feel them touching me, but their spirits are always with me. It is the same with all who have deeply loved me in this life, as well as those who have scorned me. Their spirits still live on in me. I can still "hear" their voices and "see" their faces, especially in my deepest meditative states. Their energy, once absorbed by me, can be diluted by other energy, but it never goes away completely. This inspires awe in me, and a great respect for the power in the spirit that is inherent in being a fully functioning human.

Being is simply that, continued energy. Doing is the expending of energy. If God is the Supreme Being, this says to me that this being is in everything until destroyed by misuse or irresponsible control tactics. Expending of energy can either create more energy through the process of synergy, or it can destroy energy that already exists.

Ancient scriptures seem to portray the Supreme Being as a Supreme Doing, making all sorts of things happen to humans because of their imperfect humanity. I suspect that early religions were of two types. There were those that sought to control with fear of earthly rulers, including shamans, soothsayers, and priests. This seems more animal than human to me.

These people seemed to "hear" and "see" a god or gods that looked and sounded suspiciously like their most scary selves.  They pretended to much knowledge that neither they, nor anyone else, could actually understand. The second type of scripture seems to be a more soothing set of scripts. Perhaps these "voices" and "faces" of god(s) were based on loving mothers, fathers, or nursemaids.

Somewhere along the line, people began to fight over who saw the true face and heard the true voice of The Supreme Being. This is very much like siblings arguing about who mama loves the most, without understanding that the spiritual bonding of real love is not physically measurable, neither is the synergy created by any two people the same as the synergy created by any two different people.Yet, we continue to argue, thousands of years after being assured that The Sacred Spirit is available in all creation, and that humans have the ability to choose to live in a way that encourages The Sacred Spirit's growth through synergy, or to kill each others' and their own sacred selves.

We all come from the same sacred spark of life which contains male, female, stone, sand, stars, and all other physical forms that make up the universe. Whether or not we each become black holes destroying this energy is greatly up to each of us. Each act we commit, including our words, either grows or destroys the synergy of the life we impact. What we hear others say and what we see others do become parts of our own spirits, what some refer to as god in us. With each thing we do, we should ask ourselves whether we are manifesting a sacred image and likeness of The Sacred Spirit of humanity or are we creating a black hole that consumes The Sacred Spirit's eternal, divine energy.

The manifestations of The Sacred Spirit that I prefer to welcome into my heart and home are fueled by the look in the eyes, the touch of a cheek, the sweet smiles, the words, and the lilting laughter of my beloveds. I don't need any other voices or faces of god in this earthly manifestation of my physical energy. Even Jesus had twelve buddies to keep him happy on earth. Just as my body continues because of the work of those who feed, clothe, and shelter me, so do they enable The Sacred Spirit to continue in my earthly physical form. I trust that these spirits will continue to be one with my universal spirit and those of all others in eternity.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Spiritual Specks

The Sacred Spirit is in how I feel when compassion touches me.
How is it that I'm frightened when one's love is what it seems to be?
Will I ever get over the feeling of not being good enough,
And the opinions of the religious majority's ability to rebuff?

I am incapable of double think; this has been made clear to me.
I cannot believe that some are born only to suffer in eternity.
I don't believe that life is a gift that we give our children;
In fact, I spent my motherhood apologizing to them.

I don't believe the creative force demands anything of us,
But the universe's future is something we must discuss.
Emphasis on individual pleasing of a jealous god
Is destroying humanity, and the earth's shared sod.

If we are born as humans, we can be taught to choose,
By which actions we all prosper and by which we all lose.
The focus on eternal salvation of the individual
Denies that all truly human life must be communal.

Each generation is meant to take us closer to unity;
This, I believe, is our human life on earth's destiny.
Those who pull us back because their fear of change
Maybelieve that control of eternity is in their domain.

Physical manifestations of spirit contain specks of eternity,
And there are no other "faces" of the spirits we can see.
How many Sacred Spirit "faces" live in the oceans?
Are we to limit ourselves to others' defined devotions?

My sacred human partner sleeping next to me today
Will continue to be part of every loving word I say.
It matters not who else may have experienced him
As someone less that a loving partner and a friend.

There are no universal manifestations of life
That aren't filled with celebration and sacrifice.
When any people, community, or generation
Dictates the manifestations; this is desecration.

Why is a person who sees god in a butterfly
Called a heretic and condemned to die?
Why is a couple who have come to their capacity
Told, as parents, their options for control aren't free?

Why is an innocent child told her sins killed Baby Jesus,
And told she was an abomination by those she should trust?
How can a church who, godly authority continues to claim,
Have, as a part of their canon, that eight-year-olds bear adult blame?

The authority of the church sent my older brother to hell
And my retired military uncle, who killed himself, as well.
This authority allowed priests with virgin blood on their hands
To continue administering the sacraments, as the church demands.

The state and palace that is now referred to as The Holy See
Is as far from the ways of Jesus as anything on earth could be.
The organization that is referred to as the "Christian" religion
Has been divided by mostly hierarchical, canonical divisions.

With expansion of small groups, who got together to follow Jesus,
The core of responsible compassion, taught by Jesus, ceased.
Christianity became a a plank in pursuing political power,
So rights and privileges, on the leaders, would be showered.

The individual, eternal voices who embrace The Sacred Spirit
Must sing louder and longer, so the whole of creation can hear it.
Each individual who hears this voice of unity must do the same,
So that, The Sacred Spirit in universal humanity, we can reclaim.

We must never again give one human voice infallibility;
The body of The Sacred Spirit demands community.
Continued use of the concept of individual divine distinction
Promises to lead to humanity's eternal, universal extinction.

When will we, as humans, reach the purpose of evolution
To admit that there are no individual or societal solutions?
Are we, as animals, condemned to repeat our failures,
Or will we come to addressing a universal, eternal cure?

It is clear, ever since the discovery that the earth is round,
Pretending there are boundaries, isn't theory that is sound.
What we do to one continent or area is automatically sent
To another section of the universe's many quadrants.

We will never understand all the mysteries of our universe;
Making the most of who we are and where we are given birth
Is The Sacred Spirit nudging us to upwardly move, on earth;
The unity of sacred spiritual gifts give humanity almighty worth.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

When Will We Ever Learn?

What is insanity and who is "god"? These are two questions that we pretend we know in the United States of America.

I was recently deposed and asked to swear to the truth of my testimony "so help me god." Nobody asked me what I meant by "god." God is a generic term, based on what any one person worships. There are some, including many who call themselves "Christian" who worship a god of revenge that demands blood sacrifice for all transgressions. There are others who call themselves "Christian" who worship a god of reconciliation through retribution to those on earth who have been wronged. There are many other religions who swear to their gods that are much different in their demands than are the "Christian" gods with which I am most familiar. To which god was I supposed to be swearing?

The best definition I know of insanity is, "To repeat behavior that doesn't work, hoping for a new outcome." All of "sacred" Judeo-Christian writings say that fear of the lack of enough to go around breeds killing. Killing only leads to more killing, for at least five generations. And yet those who say they are "Christians" and Jews continue to kill. What is wrong with this picture?

I am considered by many to be insane because I continue to question the prevailing "wisdom."  I am not an anarchist; I know that all life needs some system of order. For 1,500 years, we have overridden the natural order of authority in the animal kingdom to allow men to control family and community life without the input of the givers of this life, their women. This experiment has failed. It is time to try something different.

Evolved humans are not subject to either physical might making right, nor to the election of leaders by "Divine" right. Communities are formed among humans by deciding what talents are necessary to reaching common goals. What are the common goals of an international society? To continue swinging the pendulum between socialism and capitalism is a definition of insanity. A balance of both are necessary to a healthy human community.

When will we ever learn? Oh, when will we ever learn? Words and Music by Pete Seeger (1955)
(c) 1961 (renewed) by Sanga Music Inc.

Rejection of Ritual

I realized today that it is ritual that sends me into a panic. All rituals come with rules for behavior that must be strictly adhered to in order that all others can stay in the moment of the spiritual plane that they enter through the door of ritual. I have always suffered from a bad sense of rhythm, catching up to what others do several clicks too late to fit in. This leaves me with a sense of embarrassment and often infuriates others taking part in the ritual. For this reason, I am simply unable to feel comfortable in ritualistic environments.

Because I can't catch on to the rules as others do in the group, I cannot lose myself in the rhythms of the rituals. This enables me to stand outside the group and observe where the rituals are leading the others. When I don't know or trust the leader and all of the participants, I simply can't relax because I don't know where the group will end up. This doesn't seem to bother others, but it is crippling for me.

I oftentimes take a leadership role in facilitating the rituals to keep from participating in them. This is the only way I can be included, but still feel in control of where I'm being led.

I have come to believe that ritual is another way of fostering attachment to things on earth, just the opposite of what I believe our spirits need. People are not meant to be programmed to expect sameness in their lives; life on earth doesn't operate on ritualistic patterns. Control of life is an illusion that traditions and rituals foster.

When we live in constant ritual, we eventually stop hearing and seeing what is really happening around us. Where this can be very comforting to some, it also leads to much brutal group-think. This is the purpose of ritual; it breaks down the individual spirit and replaces it with a collective consciousness and conscience.

Death rituals are the ones that most frighten me. They have been so sanitized that we can no longer accept them as natural parts of the cycle of life. We are not allowed to enter into the death act with those who hold huge bits of our spirits inside of their physical manifestations. When the physical manifestation of the spirit begins to manifest in another way, we pretend that the spirits are sent somewhere to wait for us. I reject this notion.

My own experience is that while I wait with one whose body is releasing their earthly attachments to this earth and everything on it, this physical manifestation of energy is simultaneously imparting that spirit to those who care enough to be there for the final walk with them. They will be with us in an even more powerful way for the rest of our lives because the spirit is not limited by physical limitations of time and place.

It is okay for each of us to die a bit as our loved ones leave their physical manifestations. This releases space in our own spirits to internalize all that they have attempted, in life, to share with us. For me, rituals block the path of the sacred spirits as they meet and greet each other. Just like marriage and motherhood, the sharing of the spirits is only sacred when left to progress as it must between the people most intimately involved.

Monday, September 30, 2013

For All Eternity

Today would be my daddy's eighty-eighth birthday; he died deeply lonely and frustrated with the world. It was because his soul cried out for a deeper spiritual connection than he could make in his physical form on this earth. I have lived a longer life than he did, but I have apparently inherited this lonesome longing. I often wish that this physical manifestation of my life could be over. If only I could strip emotion from my sense of The Sacred Spirit, I am sure that I would feel more functional in a meaningful manner. Is there a way to open up to awe without opening up emotionally?

This seems to be the question raised in all attempts to define The Sacred Spirit throughout human history. How much of the sacred can we stand to see in our own individual physically defined and limited lives?  To become fully one with The Sacred Spirit as is manifest in the eternal energy of the universe is the longing of life on earth, but can only become fully realized after we are made manifest in a different ideation of energy.

We can attempt to connect all our spiritual energy with others on earth, but there are many who pull energy from others without any ability or intention to put energy back into earth's atmosphere. When The Sacred Spirit is drained from us by others, we must take time to rejuvenate this energy. Very few will sit with a person who is dying, physically or emotionally, without attempting to distract the one dying and themselves from the great energy exchange that is taking place. Cheering another up is not the same as giving over some of one's own quantity of The Sacred Spirit.

What empty foolishness it seems to me to have people pray for and lay hands on someone who is drained of The Sacred Spirit, rather than to hold the person in one's arms and physically breathe the spirit into the person. Physical ministry to the physical manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are what heals the earth, but these are the efforts that we least appreciate and reward on earth. Even the ministering angels on earth need to eat.

To attempt to use incantations and prayers to obtain what will make the priests and participants feel more powerful is to take away the process of suckling at the level of The Sacred Spirit. When a person simply sits with a dying person and allows them to take what they need, this is the true value of community. "This is my body; this is my blood" is a call to allow The Sacred Spirit of one on earth to absorb The Sacred Spirit of another into one's own physical manifestation in the eternal universe.

When we truly love another as we love ourselves, we will freely offer a part of our own manifestation of The Sacred Spirit to another, realizing that, on an eternal basis, all manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are one with the universe for all eternity.

The religion that both my parents embraced discouraged sharing the physical side of The Sacred Spirit on earth without the intercession of a priest. When my sense of The Sacred Spirit inside myself is waning, I don't need a priest, I need the energy transferred to me through the sounds, scents, arms and eyes of my people. My mother and her mother may have been right; I may be a heathen, after all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Manifestation of The Sacred Spirit

United Statesby Y  |  September 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM

My manifestation of The Sacred Spirit is an aura of energy pulsating within an endless loop filled with soft light. When I am inside this loop, I feel totally peaceful, like I imagine a baby must feel in a peaceful womb. I can create this aura whenever I want to because it is what I call the "twilight" between my waking and sleeping states. I often lie in bed for many minutes after I become aware that I am waking, simply to stay with this "floating" feeling. This is what I imagine my death will feel.
I feel and see all the events and people who have been with me in my life while my body is in these states. Some of them are within this pulsating energy field and some scare me with their anger and fears outside the sphere. The anger, fear, and sadness I experience is always a repeat of a disconnect between my spirit and that person's spirit in my own waking life. Some of the people are still physically alive and some are no longer in their physical bodies on earth, but their spirits are very alive to me in my semi-conscious state.
There are many relationships from which I've had to walk away in order not to have my spirit sucked out of me and destroyed. These relationships often visit me in my twilight and sleeping states. I know that any energy that I shared with another, whether positive or negative, stays with that other for all eternity, as does their energy stay eternally within me. I have learned that many of these relationships may not be healed in my physical lifetime, just as they were not healed in the lifetime of the estranged loved one.
My fear of the negative energy presenting itself while I am in my twilight and sleeping states has lessened now that I understand that my life energy will simply go back into the pool of all life energy. I no longer yearn for peace with each personal spirit; I concentrate on gathering and projecting as much positive energy as I can wherever I go and with whomever I encounter. I feel many times that the spirits who have been hounding me in my sleep are somehow soaking up some of this positive and it will help their angers and fears to subside. Maybe one night or early morning, I'll experience them fully within the circle.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Will Not Use Our Wombs to Fill More Tombs

I have been having discussions about responsible sexuality since I became sixteen years old and my future mother-in-law (a registered nurse) sent me to a gynecologist to put me on birth control pills. She knew that I planned to marry her adult, employed son as soon as I graduated from high school, and she wanted to make sure that my graduation took place before I became pregnant. Sadly, she died before we produced her first grandchild, but I am eternally grateful for her wise action.
In my religious school and family upbringing, the only thing we were told repeatedly is that sex without marriage was a sin. There was no attention paid to the fact that marriage is not a magic spell that produces resources for childcare. In many marriages, the spouses are simply encouraged to remain children as they produce more children. This may have worked well in farm families who saw their children as extra field hands and household help, but it is past time that we rethink the purposes of human sexuality.
We have been taught that our own immortality is based on procreation, and with high mother and child mortality, we are afraid of not passing on our own genetics. We aren’t taught to stop and think about the welfare of our children, even when we know that our genetics may be passing on deadly and debilitating diseases. We also aren’t taught to pay attention to the types of parenting partnerships we are forming. Two people without the resources to take care of themselves don’t magically become productive in human society because they have produced offspring.
The animal instinct to reproduce is built into us, but we are taught that humans can channel and control our animal instincts. In our technological societies, there is less need for human manual labor, but we continue to produce children who will be disrespected as slaves or sent into battle to win territory and other resources for the most vicious animals in human forms. Better maternal and infant healthcare has made it possible to hope that all of one’s offspring will survive into adulthood, so there is less need to fear loss of our children.
There is less manual labor to do and more people than are necessary to do it. Whenever there is a surplus of anything, including humans, the value of each “unit” goes down. Why do we continue allowing despotic leaders to convince us that the only value for a virtuous woman is in accepting their seed and those of their minions and ministering to them and their progeny? Our brains, not only our bodies, are meant to be fruitful, share, and multiply our sacred energy, with or without union with a man.
I know that our fertile bodies cry out for procreation, but there is a difference between motherhood in an animal sense and human nurture. What other animal takes over 18 years to train their offspring for their individual survival? This is a commitment that takes, not only a mother, but also responsible, committed parenting partners within a greater committed community.
How is it that we don’t see unwanted, unplanned children as the victims in our irresponsible procreative habits? There are ways to stop this desecration of full humanity with the advent of better and more effective, temporary forms of conception control. Several of these methods are now virtually undetectable, in that they are injected. Some of them prevent pregnancy for several years at a time. Some are even effective after unplanned sex and simply prevent the fertilization of the egg to occur.
Rape is simply another way to dis-empower a female. The rape does not have to destroy a woman, but the results will always be permanent if the girl or woman is impregnated. In areas where rape is endemic, implants could be used to protect the girls and women until they are ready to support themselves and make their own informed choices. At the very least, morning after pills should be freely distributed to the girls and women in the areas.
I am not advocating that we women stop having sex in our responsible, committed relationships. I believe that responsible, compassionate sexuality is an avenue to peace between people and an avenue for couples to increase their sacred energy to a point that they simply must share this energy with others.
I am imploring all women, for the sake of responsible compassion for all innocent children, all over the earth, to empower ourselves with ways to support ourselves and realize our full human potential, other than as wombs and nursemaids, before we bring babies into the world to become slaves and soldiers for those who despise them.
Toni Morrison wrote a powerful book, Beloved, about the dilemma a slave mother faced upon learning she was pregnant and the terrible decision she made to “protect” her child. I weep simply thinking about her solution, but I understand, as a mother, why she chose to take her own child’s life rather than be forced to bear witness to her child being treated as less than a fully human being. We now have better solutions in the form of conception control.
We will not use our wombs to fill more tombs.