Friday, August 17, 2012

How Can "Christians" Continue to Hate?

How can "Christians" continue to hate in the name of God?
Is it because so much "conversion" is a fraud?
We proclaim our belief in a faith we don't understand
In order to follow, not Jesus, but another earthly plan.

We have bonding rituals that have nothing to do with caring;
Communion tables should be real meals with spiritual sharing.
Not the voice of one priest or prophet and mindless rituals
That leave neither our minds, souls, hearts or bellies full.

Hard hearts in the old law allowed for divorces,
And, presumably, for use of many deadly forces
But the new law seems to point to kinder men,
So the peace of Genesis will, one day, reign again.

Why are "Christian" men still posturing for earthly power
When the consequences seem to get worse by the hour?
What can be worse than possible nuclear annihilation?
Isn't it time to spread The Holy Spirit celebration?

It seems that by only men was the life and the word of the risen lord
Expected to be experienced, interpreted, followed, or even heard.
How do we expect that women and their children will find the way
When it has been so long since women of wisdom had a say?

There are rules to peaceful relationships that seem to be ignored
By the very men that the words of Jesus were apparently meant for.
Is the problem that it's easier to continue to look back
And find, in the old law, reasons, to others, attack?

Where are the compassionate cultural conversations
With the families who have cherished children in other nations?
If all the fighting we do happened in our own country,
Would we be more serious about keeping the peace?

How many more millenia will we repeat the same old stories,
Pretending the the reward from "God" is earthly glory?
The coming together of family around a shared meal
Is a place where we can, The Holy Spirit, share and feel.

But we must have the courage to set a loving tone
Look for answers, not hatred, in our sacred homes.
Listen to each other's challenges in continuing on a holy path;
This may be the only way a world of peace will reign at last.