Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Family of Faith

My husband's brother has breathed his last;
We now move on to celebrating his past.
He took over as head of the family clan
When he was still a  very young man.
He walked in the footsteps of their accomplished dad
Giving the family and their business all that he had.

Their daughters, both nurses, were there by his side,
As we all bid this wonderful man good-bye.
But so much of him lives on in the world,
Not only in family, from stories I'm told.
And not only stories are testament to they
Who do good for others along life's way.
His brother, my husband, was shepherded into manhood
When, at thirteen, they lost their father for good.
As the oldest son with a family of his own,
They always made space for one more in their home.
Values of giving and protecting the vulnerable
Are the values in which this family is full.

He and his wife had a combining of souls,
Based on the sharing of common goals.
Family and faith were their shared values;
Shouldn't this be the basis for who we all choose?
But so many seek earthly self-fulfillment
Without higher values for which humans are meant.

When I pray  for the kingdom of heaven on earth,
I pray for more people of moral worth,
Not by the birthing of more children of our loins,
But by the spreading of good through the groups we join.
To be a member of a family of such righteousness
Is something by which I feel eternally blessed.