Monday, October 7, 2013

Spiritual Specks

The Sacred Spirit is in how I feel when compassion touches me.
How is it that I'm frightened when one's love is what it seems to be?
Will I ever get over the feeling of not being good enough,
And the opinions of the religious majority's ability to rebuff?

I am incapable of double think; this has been made clear to me.
I cannot believe that some are born only to suffer in eternity.
I don't believe that life is a gift that we give our children;
In fact, I spent my motherhood apologizing to them.

I don't believe the creative force demands anything of us,
But the universe's future is something we must discuss.
Emphasis on individual pleasing of a jealous god
Is destroying humanity, and the earth's shared sod.

If we are born as humans, we can be taught to choose,
By which actions we all prosper and by which we all lose.
The focus on eternal salvation of the individual
Denies that all truly human life must be communal.

Each generation is meant to take us closer to unity;
This, I believe, is our human life on earth's destiny.
Those who pull us back because their fear of change
Maybelieve that control of eternity is in their domain.

Physical manifestations of spirit contain specks of eternity,
And there are no other "faces" of the spirits we can see.
How many Sacred Spirit "faces" live in the oceans?
Are we to limit ourselves to others' defined devotions?

My sacred human partner sleeping next to me today
Will continue to be part of every loving word I say.
It matters not who else may have experienced him
As someone less that a loving partner and a friend.

There are no universal manifestations of life
That aren't filled with celebration and sacrifice.
When any people, community, or generation
Dictates the manifestations; this is desecration.

Why is a person who sees god in a butterfly
Called a heretic and condemned to die?
Why is a couple who have come to their capacity
Told, as parents, their options for control aren't free?

Why is an innocent child told her sins killed Baby Jesus,
And told she was an abomination by those she should trust?
How can a church who, godly authority continues to claim,
Have, as a part of their canon, that eight-year-olds bear adult blame?

The authority of the church sent my older brother to hell
And my retired military uncle, who killed himself, as well.
This authority allowed priests with virgin blood on their hands
To continue administering the sacraments, as the church demands.

The state and palace that is now referred to as The Holy See
Is as far from the ways of Jesus as anything on earth could be.
The organization that is referred to as the "Christian" religion
Has been divided by mostly hierarchical, canonical divisions.

With expansion of small groups, who got together to follow Jesus,
The core of responsible compassion, taught by Jesus, ceased.
Christianity became a a plank in pursuing political power,
So rights and privileges, on the leaders, would be showered.

The individual, eternal voices who embrace The Sacred Spirit
Must sing louder and longer, so the whole of creation can hear it.
Each individual who hears this voice of unity must do the same,
So that, The Sacred Spirit in universal humanity, we can reclaim.

We must never again give one human voice infallibility;
The body of The Sacred Spirit demands community.
Continued use of the concept of individual divine distinction
Promises to lead to humanity's eternal, universal extinction.

When will we, as humans, reach the purpose of evolution
To admit that there are no individual or societal solutions?
Are we, as animals, condemned to repeat our failures,
Or will we come to addressing a universal, eternal cure?

It is clear, ever since the discovery that the earth is round,
Pretending there are boundaries, isn't theory that is sound.
What we do to one continent or area is automatically sent
To another section of the universe's many quadrants.

We will never understand all the mysteries of our universe;
Making the most of who we are and where we are given birth
Is The Sacred Spirit nudging us to upwardly move, on earth;
The unity of sacred spiritual gifts give humanity almighty worth.