Monday, May 28, 2012

My Darling Daughters

It is painful watching parts of myself struggle again through this life on earth;
I see glimpses of my young self in my daughter and in those she gave birth.
I wanted so badly to shelter them from my mistakes and any harm,
The only time I felt at peace was when they were sleeping in my arms.

There is so much joy in watching them use the strengths they have from others,
Their parents and community members who are their other fathers and mothers.
Their school, their church, their grandparents who have all done their parts
To respect, love, guide and protect their minds, their souls, and their hearts.

As we enter this new phase of a cherished child learning to fly solo,
Parts of all of our souls and selves will, with her, surely go.
We will remain available for guidance and for extra strength
When she feels that her own resources may be completely spent.

To My Granddaughter as She Graduates

For what do you want to be remembered?
Is it for a soccer or scholastic trophy?
Or is it for the generous, kind adult
That you have worked hard to be?

Do you want to leave a legacy
Of how much property you own,
Or the bright light in the universe
That your life of justice has shone?

How will you give enough back
To leave a positive balance,
When you have so many blessings;
Was it simply by blind chance?

Or do you think you were chosen
To be an example in the world
Of the harmony on earth as in heaven
That The Prophet Jesus foretold?

You may face fears and fall
Many times on your life's path,
But I know your faith and family
Will forever be your ballast.

From the time that you were born,
You burned with such bright energy;
I'm grateful that you choose to share
Some of your beautiful light with me.