Sunday, June 23, 2013

Religion vs Relationships

It has been my experience that many very religious people I know substitute "relationships" with "God" for actual human intimacy. They act as if "God" will not continue to "love" them if they don't spend enough time with "Him." How is it that humanity still has so much hubris that we actually think we can control earthly destinies by our offerings and intercessions to this "God?"

I understand putting in front of ourselves an image of where we want to be as an incentive to continue on an arduous path. What I don't understand is those who believe they can sit in one place and by some "magic" end up in another. We are given brains so that we may plan a path, and we are given feet in order to be able to move forward. To think otherwise is, in my opinion, blasphemy. If we are made with special powers to create progression toward restored peace, who are we to sit idly by while others push society in the opposite direction?

Conversion is about responsible compassion, seeing a person's pain while offering to help shoulder their burdens. This does not mean that we will do for them what they don't want enough to do for themselves. I believe it is wrong to intervene in any attempt in which the primary person is not fully invested. A religion with only two people is better than one with a great deal of rhetoric without just, human relationships.