Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Light, Love, and Life

I see the soul as a glimmer of The Light that begins as soon as the new life is loved. I believe that all love is a part of The Almighty, and that we are all linked to The Light as long as we are loved. I believe that our challenge is to make sure that all humans receive love (which entails earthly responsibility) so that their Soul-Lights will grow and be able to multiply and connect with the other love energy in creation.

I believe that wherever there is love, there is The Light still connected to The Source of All Life and Love. Love connects us eternally to each other and to The Light. By giving of ourselves in love, we can create an aura of peace on earth as it was in the beginning, and it is in the hereafter.

Unless there is love-in-action, there is no life worth living. Many who conceive don't feel the presence of a love community in their lives. Many are conceived where there is no love even in the act of procreation. From where will the everyday acts of love come without a caring community?

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  1. I'm surrounded by light - both morning, noon and night. The sun warms my back in the day, the moon and stars light my path at night. I am loved, first by the creator, then by His creation. The creator is Love. The creator gave us THE LIGHT, not only for our physical walk but for our spiritual journey. His Word is a lamp that gives light for my spiritual pathway. If I walk in the light of that Word then I have fulfillment and joy. To love the Creator it is necessary to love our fellows who are created in His image and likeness. That does not mean we must approve all the actions of our fellows. It does mean that we cannot carry hatred and un-forgiveness in our hearts towards some persons and profess to love God at the same time.