Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Managing the Mundane

Some days we may find we can't control much,
But we can manage the mundane, like laundry and such.
This is the joy of channeling emotion into tasks:
In accomplishment of little things, we can then bask.

When the anxiety threatens to take the helm,
Automatic actions take us to a different realm.
This is the joy of having competency
In some things that have become parts of you and me.

Some, jog, some garden, some clean, some cook,
Some lose themselves in the pages of a book.
Or we can sit down, and write a story
Of everyday examples of strife and glory.

Our Holy Spirits are always in flight,
Looking for a peaceful place on which to light.
As from fear, we set our minds and souls free,
The better parts of ourselves, we'll be able to see.

1 comment:

  1. Great post, Y. And some can sit down and compose the most unique poems from the most common things. What a skill to possess. I'm sure it give you wings to escape whenever you feel pressured by your surroundings and the resultant circumstances. I seldom find myself in the "mundane". If I do I can lose myself by pulling up a google map and traveling vicariously. LoL. My daily morning coffee and reading habit takes an hour or more first thing each day! I've found that by this type process I can eat a whole elephant. I just take one bite (or is that one byte?) at a time. Problems turn into opportunities. "The opportunity of a lifetime only lasts for the lifetime of the opportunity."