Friday, March 4, 2011

Stolen Souls

My soul was stolen from me;
I'm working to set it free.
When I was a child the good
Was replaced by religion's shoulds.

A newborn child is without sin;
It is worldliness that lets evil in,
When we punish instead of teach
Rather than practice, we preach.

Survival is the reason we cry;
Without compassion we would die.
But there are those in power who see
Pain as an evil from which to be free.

This may be because they don't know
That pain is the way that we grow.
It is not to be inflicted by others,
But absorbed by our sisters and brothers.

This pain, turned to passion, can find
The Spirit that transcends the mind,
And lights the path to world peace
For the most and for the very least.

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