Monday, April 25, 2011

Path to Paradise

Is all religion an effort to tame the savage beast that resides inside our souls? Can we ever become all that we are meant to be without tapping into our own inner divinity -- our own "image and likeness of God?"

Isn't the ability to make decisions on how much of our inner divinity we will cultivate and contribute to our earth that which makes us different from the rest of creation? How much more wonderful our world would be if every day we asked ourselves what we can do to increase the flow of the Divine Energy in and through our contacts with creation.

If we are following a path to the Wholeness of Divinity, the light draws us ever onward toward itself. Our lives become less about rules against actions and more about what promotes peace on the path to the fullness of our shared Divinity. All our actions that are off this path will give us a feeling of isolation, leading us to once again seek the unity with others walking the right way. Any that we have pushed off the path by our actions against them, we will seek to once more embrace and include in our walk in grace. Those who have pushed us, we will pray for while we continue our walk.

This eternal longing for unity with The Divine is the condition of all of creation, and can only be completed in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, we must keep our sights set on the divine duties of our own work and honoring the divine in the work and being of each other and all creation. This creates a continuum of the path to paradise "on earth as it is in heaven."

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