Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Higher Power and Peace

When we speak of a higher power, we must understand that The Higher Power is manifest in the whole of creation, and that we must find a way to function for the good of the whole in order to feel ourselves as part of this Eternal Entity. All entities that derive their power through instilling or encouraging fear, or promoting absolute authority of any one person, are not part of the network of Eternal Inclusion that is the path back to Perfection.

If we are indeed the branches on a Universal Vine, we must be fed by a strong, healthy root system in order to thrive and produce good fruit. Until we are willing to submit to something greater than ourselves, we are doomed to live destructive lives. For some, that greater something is their family; for others, it is their church; for still others, it is their AA group, or their military unit, or their neighbors, or their workplace.

The sacred scriptures and stories of all ages have attempted to produce a path back to Perfect Peace. The Eternal Force that embodies all of creation goes by many names. Some refer to this Spirit of Unity as The Great Spirit, some Yahweh, some God, some Jesus, some The Holy Spirit, some a Higher Power. We seem to all be seeking the same thing: a sense of belonging to a protective, peaceful Whole.

My children were my reason for attaching myself to something outside of myself. Now that they are grown, they and their families have attached themselves to networks of others that will help them in their journeys. Those who continue to run from sharing their trues selves with family and friends find themselves in their own dark dungeons in their souls. This is no way to bring up babies; nor is it a way to produce peace.

I believe that the sacred is still being spoken and written, and that we must open ourselves to sharing our own sacred stories.

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  1. Yes, "The Heavens declare His glory." And there is A WAY back to God. Jesus said it of himself. No one else or nothing else can lay claim to this statement: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."