Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Infinite Auras

"There will be enmity between your seed and her seed." How well we humans are living up to this prediction, as is obvious in the state of family life, a microcosm of the community of all humans. Adam and Eve taught Cain and Able to be in competition for their god's favor, and every generation since then has been destroying each other in an effort to garner the most grace. How sad it is that we don't see we are all descendants of Divinity.

The way we choose our networks reminds me of a cruel game that was practiced on the playground of my parochial grade school. When the "in" crowd wanted to exclude someone that they didn't consider "cool," they would gather in a circle, entwine their arms and chant, "Criss-cross, apple sauce, nobody else can play with us." This seems to be the way of so many societies.

The majority builds their masses by creating contests to become part of the perceived privileged in receiving a stake in a limited amount of resources. Even the grace of their god is featured as finite. What hubris for any group to act like only they have seen the face of The Infinite!

I am encouraged by the Pentecostal movement, even if most of my exposure has been to the Christian version. It seems that we are slowly moving back into an era of understanding that the Spirit of Wholeness (Holiness) is infinite and universally available. What we each have to do is embrace Grace and allow others into our Infinite auras.

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