Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lies About Loneliness

I'm tired of people telling me that I won't be lonesome if I pray;
If God hadn't been lonesome, why would we on this earth play?
If Adam and Eve were made to keep God, and each other, company,
Why should I believe that adults are, from this need, free?

We need people who understand us and want to share our lives;
This is how The Spirit of Wholeness is meant to thrive.
Men and women are afraid to admit to their vulnerability;
It is truly not a good idea without shared responsibility.

In my marriage, the man is the one whose arms are strong,
And he fills me with the strength to sing our joyful song.
In other marriages, it is the man with the tender heart;
Does it really matter who plays which important part?

We have given to each other the keys to our spiritual doors;
I have tried with others, but our society's soil for growth was poor.
It takes absolute commitment to something bigger than oneself
To give our egos over to becoming partners with someone else.

New families, like new trees, must be nurtured until they grow roots,
But the young couples must be freed to find their own unified truths.
The elders may act as wind breaks in the many coming storms,
But to stand too closely and hold too tight will bring the new tree harm.

Even with our best care, some sapling relationships wither and die;
Our hope is that the broken and lonely souls will continue to try
To find one who completes the circle of strength with Holiness an the center.
This can only happen to those who keep their souls open to being entered.

We have lost the ritual dance of courtship that gave couples strong bonds;
It is not enough that two people, for each other, feel fond.
There should be a learning of the resources each one brings;
For a new family to be strong requires many things.

We must all have the moral courage to say to one another
The truth about the strengths and weaknesses of our sisters and brothers.
When we don't seek the blessings of others in our support network,
Why are we surprised when, their community duties, they shirk?

Holy marriage is like the sun emitting life-giving rays;
It is not meant that the energy, only in the marriage, stays.
We are to radiate to others all that Holy Power of shared life.
This, I believe, is the purpose of becoming man and wife.

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