Saturday, August 13, 2011

Children's Church

Why do we want to believe that the enlightenment of one
Is more valid than those when human thought processes were begun?
I haven't seen many churches that teach proper respect;
One person has the answers; the beliefs of others, they reject.
Instead of having grumpy grown-ups allowed to set the mood,
I'd like to hear the little children sing out their gratitude.
The children would also give us lectures on what constitutes fair play,
Then they would gladly tell us when we are not walking in the right way.
But instead of allowing our children to call us out on our lies,
We scold our children until, fairness and truth, they despise.
You can't learn to have faith by studying the rules of what's right.
Is it that we are all afraid of our own, and each other's, light?
Why do we hand over to others our powers to perceive?
We are left with deadened souls for which all creation grieves.

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