Monday, August 29, 2011

Delight vs Might

When will man stop trying to define God?
All we had was the sun and the sod
On which to base our greatest visions
Until we discovered nuclear fission.

If all matter is energy, who can say
How that energy will evolve today?
It seems to me that we should now see
The Life Force is contained in you and me.

It is also in the air and the rain,
Which is re-created again and again.
I can see energy only its manifestations;
This is how I see God, as all of creation.

But we get in a hurry to make things right
As if any one people has the greatest insight.
Our greed and impatience to possess perfection
Is the proof of The Spirit's ultimate rejection.

We make a mistake by misunderstanding time;
Creation doesn't evolve on any one life line.
We had to become enlightened for the gods of our fathers
To be seen as The Spirit in ourselves, sons, and daughters.

If we throw open our hearts and minds in gratitude,
And enjoy the process, it may set the mood
For the infilling of The Spirit of Wisdom and Delight
Where we have emptied our desire for greatest might.

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