Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Competition and Religion

Is was important that Jesus be a modern man,
Part of the lineage of Abraham's clan,
So we'd understand that the world he was sent to create
Was the kingdom of The Eternal Estate.

We were taught that Abraham arose from the dead,
But death, we humans continued to dread,
And so we were given, once again,
A person to embody The Eternal plan.

He didn't embrace death, but was willing to give
His life and death to teach us how to live.
Do we accept that Jesus' Jewish ancestors who came before
Are still needlessly knocking on salvation's door?

Or, are we to realize that we are all sisters and brothers
Even if we were born to different fathers and mothers?
I hope it is the latter; it seems our only hope for peace,
Our only hope that religious competition will cease.

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