Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Separation of Church and State?

We wonder why their is a backlash against the name of god
When hypocritical leaders use it as a cattle prod.
Self-discipline is common in all major religions
This is what builds character in ourselves, our daughters, and sons.
We pursue the false promises of happiness from our founding fathers
Who recognized no inalienable rights in their slaves or their own daughters.
If the religions were true to their espoused beliefs they'd hold them accountable,
But power, not justice, is our country's and many religions' practiced rule.

Judges perform the marriages and priests perform domestic partnership rites;
Isn't this contradictory to the rules for which our ancestors put up bloody fights?
How did we fool ourselves into believing we had separation of church and state?
This is an ideal that we in the United States still await.
Why do we call marriage that which is a business partnership?
The blessing of one's community is what makes a marriage stick.
Would it be so terrible to have civil union contracts before
A couple seeking a marriage walks through their place of worship's door?

The people making our laws exempt themselves from their own rules;
Swearing on a Bible that few have read makes, of our courts, fools.
We have always been a melting pot, challenging diversity,
By expecting those who enter our country to work toward prosperity.
We continue to encourage by injustice, the lack of family responsibility,
Earning wages that require a second job, keeps poor families parent-free.
Instead of seeking justice in education and incomes,
We continue to allow the abuse of those on society's lowest rungs.

We listen to people with pretty smiles and smooth lies to tell
Instead of looking at how their lives follow what the prophets foretell.
Every great religion is corrupted by the nation
Exempting their most powerful from teamwork with all creation.
How people conduct their personal and business lives is a measure for sure
Of what values they represent deep down in their cores.
We should hold them more accountable for their wrong actions
Than we hold accountable our country's least privileged factions.

But our preachers stand next to our leaders and beam their approval,
When the actions of so many of them should bring about their removal.
We shouldn't have to ask what religion a person belongs to
By looking at their lives we can ascertain their truths.
Instead of spending the time we pay them for on the campaign trails
They should be seriously studying and enacting laws that help justice to prevail.
I'd like to see our leaders of churches and states deferring to the higher power
That lives in each of our souls, not to our personal gods of the hour.

We have government funds given to church programs and administered by the same;
It simply creates a climate where charity is a power game.
Our churches are exempt from our laws to further their own plans,
Which feeds the greed of those who continue to underpay our fellow humans.
We should all be equally accountable for our own actions and mistakes;
Simple monetary penalties for the rich and powerful gives them an unjust break.
The system that we still live under is a dynasty of priests and potentates;
If we don't allow equal power to all our people, our country will cease to be great.

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