Friday, December 30, 2011

The Much-Maligned Masses

A life without hope is certainly not worth continuing to live. When authority figures overstep their bounds to the extent that the masses no longer have hope, the masses become reckless because they feel they have nothing left to lose.

People had hoped for comfortable retirements after many years of hard work, but the corporations who love to portray their entities as people with consciences have created many layers of law that exempt the people who make the rules from any consequence of their ill-fated decisions. Many are left penniless while the robber barons are offered lifetime security and extreme wealth.

People hoped for peace in the hereafter, but the religious organizations convinced us that they have the power to grant or deny our entry into paradise. The religious leaders then exempted themselves from the rule of law governing their flocks, thereby insulating themselves from the earthly consequences of their disrespect for and abuse of their fellow humans.

People hoped to have the powerful in our government making, following, and enforcing rules of fairness. The officials in government exempted themselves from all their own rules and became the worst of the bullies, taking advantage of the weak and granting themselves lifetime benefits denied to their fellow citizens.

Religion and "our" government representatives have sold their souls to the almighty dollar and a continuation of power for their own elite. Corporations have no souls, and by their legal instruments of incorporation, are given licenses to steal.

What do the maligned masses have to look forward to, short of death? Death, even without the promise of paradise, might at least give the peace of no further pain. Nothingness may seem better to some than continued striving for fairness that is not forthcoming.

We must not stay silent as the masses band together to call for accountability. We must be willing to stand with them as they attempt to steer the world toward right. We cannot go back because there is no "back" to which we can return. It has been either destroyed or bought by the very people who now wish for us to go backward to "their America" and their world, a world from which they have exempted us.


  1. Very well said, the masses need a battle cry and a leader to direct it. Other wise we do as we have done. We do need fresh NEW leaders who are not PRofessional Politicians, but who return home to a job after 2-4-6-8 years leading this country.

    It is true, many Religious leaders have sold out to the $ and forgot where they came from.
    Good entry.

  2. I saw something today on the internet that explains the mess we're in. Our national debt was compared to a household budget in the following way: Annual income- $21.700; Money the family spent - $38,200; Debt on credit card - $16,500; Outstanding Balance on credit card - $342.710 - Recent budget cuts (which some politicians are proud of) suggested - $385!

    Now add 6 zeroes to that and you see about where our government is.

    Our only hope is in Jehovah God.