Friday, December 16, 2011

Moving My Merriment

Pumpkin pies for grandson and a gingerbread house for my angel
These are the projects that gave yesterday its holiday angle.
Today it is observing my granddaughter in her school choir
What more could I want to complete my Christmas desires?

Its back home to my sweetheart at our little condo.
I'll miss all the excitement here, but it's time to go.
On to an overnight visit from our niece and nephew;
Our times with these college students are far too few.

Perhaps we'll have lasagna and and my man's amazing salad.
For dessert, our nephew usually thinks that carrot cake is good.
Then we'll give them gifts to celebrate the season
Hoping that their memories will be long-lived and pleasing.


  1. Is it just the season, or have you always incorporated so much great sound food in your poems? I do love carrot cake. I can remember whn I first heard of it as a younster, sure didn't sound good then, but I learned pretty quick!!!
    Best to you and your lover there during this Christmas Season!!!!

  2. Nice family oriented poetry, Yvette!