Friday, January 27, 2012

People of Positive Power

A man I have never met, other than through his comments on my blogs and the blog of another one-time Pentecostal preacher, answered my blog about seeking peace with this:

"One of my learned secrets to having JOY and peaceful sleep.
J - Jesus first.
O - Others second.
Y - Yourself last.
It works for me."

This man is a retired Pentecostal minister and preacher since his early twenties, even rearing his family in Africa to allow the Muslims there to "taste" of his family's living faith (and many fine meals prepared by his wife). He and I have many spirited dialogs about the bases and practices of our faith journeys, along with another his friend and former Pentecostal preacher, who retired from the US Navy that I only actually  met once. Both  of these men are "in-love" long marrieds, with grown children, and seem to radiate their "Joy in Jesus."

How lovely it is that their religious backgrounds were rooted in a sense of gratitude, and that unlike many people who think it dangerous to show joy, gratitude, and humility, they fairly vibrate with their Holy Spirit energy.

I am so fortunate to have so many Holy Spirits accepting my invitation to share how this Spirit manifests in their lives. For this I am almost overcome with gratitude. Unfortunately, if I open my window and shout to the laborers below, "I got that joy, joy, joy joy down in my heart...," I'll be in the loony bin for my bedtime prayers tonight.


  1. In the "looney bin" was a common type of accusation against many Bible characters. "Thou art beside thyself. Much learning hath made thee mad." (Acts 26:24) Mockers said, "These men(women) are full of new wine." (Acts 2:13) Some were shamed but counted it a joy. (Acts 5:41)

  2. I remember that song from my Sunday School days. I remember the zesty, jumpy and fun songs that wonderful 'Old Ladies' (probably some way up in their 30's LOL) would teach us.

    I can actually close my eyes and see you as one of those 'OLD' girls having excitement in your eyes and transferring it to kids and visiting children.
    Sending Love from over here in Florida.