Monday, February 6, 2012

Encountering the Almighty

This man of righteousness had so much to give;
Is there anything left to say about this life well-lived?
We will gather to pay homage  and comfort his wife
The mate of his soul, in which he took great delight.

His daughters, too, who carry him in their hearts;
May the pain of their loss not drive them apart.
The grandchildren live the values that he supported;
On their hearts and souls his way is recorded.

And all that he encountered, man, woman and child,
Is better for having known him for even a short while.
A man with such a steady, strong light
Surely has a place on The Almighty's right.


  1. Life is short in the scheme of eternity. Amazing how some folks can make an impression in those short years, others go unnoticed, except for their family!

  2. A nice poem, Yvette. It is great that some families have the benefit of leaders with understanding to guide their lives. Their impact on succeeding generations will always remain.