Monday, February 13, 2012

A Man Who Needs a Mom

I ran into our neighbor yesterday;
He's never before had much to say.
But this day, he wanted to talk
As he returned from his daily walk.

He lives alone with his dog;
I see them often as they jog.
I have wondered how he felt
I feared that asking, our boundaries would melt.

Today he told me he's moving away,
And that he's glad that he can't stay.
He says that he couldn't make friends;
He's leaving as his employment here ends.

The reasons he stated for being glad to go
Are things that I already came to know.
When you're an insider you have to agree
To reject everybody who isn't "we."

It can be very difficult for many of those
With open minds, who bigotry oppose.
People expect New Orleans to be
A much more cosmopolitan city.

I guess small towns are much the same;
It does matter what's your last name.
People divide themselves into clans
Based on beliefs on which everyone stands.

I am always glad to come home
Where we mostly spend time alone
But I don't know how he lives without
A soul mate that he doesn't doubt.

This is a man who could use a mother
A aunt, a sister, or a brother.
I left some cookies at his door,
Sorry that I couldn't do more.

I hope he finds someone to care,
Who may even want, his dog, to share
This is man who said to me
That he won't go to heaven, if it's dog-free.


  1. There have to be lions and lambs, so dogs, horses, deer, and other animals will be present in the new world. Even snakes will be there. The Bible says that "The child shall play on the hole of the Asp" and somewhere else it says that "The Lion shall lay down with the Lamb." Unfortunately, there are many many souls searching for friendship who have not discovered the key. "If a man would have friends he must show himself friendly."

  2. I understand this man's feelings, of course many do. Even if you are an extrovert (as thou art) One moving to Key West will ever know that 'If you ain't a Conch, you really ain't nothin'.'

    Yeah if we are not careful, we will miss some wonderful friendships, 'because they are not we'.

    Again a neat poem, with a story of life!