Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Beautiful Bird

Your way of living is frightening to me
Because, as family, we share responsibility.
If you stumble and fall, who will pick you up;
When you are thirsty, who will fill your cup?

I have held you and stood between you and harm.
I have worked hard to keep you safe and warm.
Don't you see that when you have a need
That I can't help fill, my soul does bleed?

It's time, my child, for me to rest;
I know my teachings, you will test.
I pray that those that you call friends
Will be there to, your wounds, mend.

I must allow you to bend, and even break;
This is for both of our souls' sakes.
I guess it's good that I can't see;
All your fight was crushing me.

I know my feelings are hard on you,
In facing the things that you must do.
From my fears, you've turned away;
I hope this is not where we'll stay.

My Beautiful Bird, as you fly away,
I will often wonder as I pray,
Will you ever come back to me,
And share the person you've come to be?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds of a Mother, A real Mother!

    I know my teachings, you will test.....

    Truthfully said.