Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Wonderful?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we wrote our best friends' eulogies
While they could still hear "what you meant to me"?
I don't want to wait until my friends are in the ground,
And our love for each other will make no joyful sound.

I am quite sure that I will die with a less heavy heart
If my gratitude for my friends is, their souls, a part.
I will also die with sadness for the loves I had and lost;
My need to save my earthly heart exacted a terrible cost.

But I hope that in Eternity we will see each other and smile
Because our love was something good, if only for a while.
I long for the day that I will, once more, feel as one
With all of Creation's daughters and sons.


  1. Oh yes! It would be a better world if all of us showed more of our true feelings of appreciation now - while our loved ones are still able to hear it.

  2. I am trying to do exactly what you are saying. I want my family and friends to know how I feel. Good thoughts today!!!