Friday, March 30, 2012

Few and Far Between Friendships

I've stopped being disappointed by hypocrisy;
I realize we only see what we want to see.
We each pick a place in our universe
In which we're comfortable to converse.
We then pick groups that share our beliefs;
To disagree with them would bring us grief.
A small smile or a certain tilt of the head
Convinces people they have nothing to dread.

One of the things that I find most upsetting:
Some think silence means approval getting.
But when a person's mind is already set,
Dissension, a person won't easily forget.
Those who openly disagree are scourged,
And from polite societies are often purged.
The people who seem to survive very best
Are those who, on their own approval, rest.

True friendships are few and far between,
And from the workplace are seldom gleaned.
There is a reason we have acquaintances,
Those to whom we don't, eternal love, pledge.
These are people who share a task or a goal;
These things are necessary to make us whole.
But it is shared values that make for soul mates;
Friendship is The Spirit this connection creates.

1 comment:

  1. oh ho, lotta truth here. I have found in my years that we all do the best we can, just that some can do better than others.

    Most hypocrisy comes from our up bringing, methinks, but I definitely do not KNOW!