Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Friends and Family

Thank Goodness, I am where I am
Because I'm married to a stubborn man,
Who denies he's sick until the day
We all drop to our knees and pray.

How can a brilliant scientist be so dumb,
When his body makes his brain finally succumb,
That he would drive himself to the hospital
When his life is so, caring people, full?

It goes to show that my friend is right;
In speaking of stupidity 'til we see the light.
Refusing to depend on others can sometimes be
A way to creating greater tragedy.

This seems to be why we all need friends
On whom we can always depend.
They will come to our aid when we need it,
And when we're stupid, they will pitch a fit.

I've gone quite crazy in the attempt
To show him that others are grateful he was sent.
Until others are willing to confront his lies,
He will hide behind his non-vulnerable disguise.

So pitch those fits, our loyal friends,
To my stoic friend/husband.
He needs other friends and family
That he acknowledges besides me.

1 comment:

  1. Is it me, or are you upset? This could be an angry poem, but I do understand both sides. 'tis hard to give in, one might be wrong!!!