Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeing The Spirit

We sometimes forget that The Word is made flesh for a reason;
Not only so we can feel sainted during sacred seasons.
The Word is made flesh because human beings are tasked
With revealing what is actually behind The Holy Spirit's mask.

We seem to want to find easier ways to find eternal peace
Than anything that makes our responsibility increase.
But I believe there have been many women and men
Who have had the capacity to lead us away from sin.

It is a slow process to save all of creation's wonder
We do not save through rape, pillage, and plunder.
We save through sharing our own gifts of grace
With those who have the will to look into Life's face.

We must walk the walk before we talk the talk
We must accept that people have a tendency to balk
About anything that may be out of their comfort zone,
So we don't have to take everyone into our homes.

We can do so much good by being among strangers,
Without exposing our children to unknown dangers.
Each of us can be a part of the Eternal Light
That keeps Holiness within everyone's sight.

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