Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Serendipity and The Spirit

When we are surprised by things that fall into place,
We have different words to describe this grace.
Some say it was "God" doing a favor for me;
Some call the event serendipity.
We say it was Providence, or it was pure luck;
Karma is credited for us being so struck.

One thing seems eternally and universally true;
We're all trying to understand what we go through.
Those who seem to feel the most content
Are those who believe that good for them is meant.
But unless they accept the grace with humility,
They often look down on you and me.

It seems that many credit "God" with good things,
But blame others for the natural pain that life brings.
There is always a balance that must be struck
Between personal responsibility and our "luck."
But there has never been, and will never in life be,
A full explanation for The Power we can't see.

I am grateful whenever The Force of The Universe
Has positive energy, upon me, dispersed.
I make a very sincere attempt to understand
How this gift fits into The Eternal's plan.
Even not understanding, I still feel driven
To share, with love, the gifts I've been given.

1 comment:

  1. Questions, we all have questions, why did that happen?
    Me, I am just blessed. I accept any negative as something I cannot contol and live thru it. The rest which is 99% I just say I am blessed. I also like to think I am God's favorite, and don't know why!