Saturday, March 17, 2012

When The Spirit Moves Within me, I Am Sore Afraid

So often have I offered pleas to a higher power than me;
Help has always come in a form that I could feel and see.
I am hugely grateful for The Breath that fill the hearts,
And inspire others to reach out and do their parts.

The miracle drugs that seem to have cured my daughter's cancer
Are possible because so many did their best to find this answer.
Those who honor the sparks of Divinity within themselves
Will not find peace without sharing The Light that, in them, swells.

What we sometime feel as anxiety is actually a driving force
That nudges us to move upon our most blessed course.
There's a reason that songs of The Spirit often said,
"When The Spirit moves within me, I am sore afraid."

We begin doing things we didn't know that we could do;
The need to honor others is proof that The Spirit is true.
Those asking for a helping hand are as special as those who give;
Lending strength to the most vulnerable is a good reason to live.

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  1. Good entry and nicely summed up in that last verse, Good stuff!