Sunday, April 29, 2012

Androgynous Old Age

I think it is wonderful to become androgynous as we age;
This seems to calm the beasts in whom hormones rage.
Women no longer see other women as sexual threats,
And men no longer see sex as the way to win bets.

We begin to enjoy people for who they are inside,
Not as toys we take on wild adventuresome rides.
We are happy to accept each other with our failings
Self-deprecation is the basis of our conversational regalings.

Pity the old people still attached to the illusion of control;
They have missed the mark on what history has foretold:
There comes a time when each of us must pass the baton
To the next runner, before our ability to coach is gone.

How sad it is that we have become a race that adores
All that youth offers so much that we expect more.
We do not want to teach the next generation to lead;
We simply expect them to continue to feed our greed.

1 comment:

  1. Tis a wise person who knows they can no longer lead.
    Tis a wise person who knows to release the reins.
    Tis a wise person who knows they are old, yep, the problem is, some times the great wisdom is LOST when we ARE OLD!

    But Ahhhh the real wise ones are a treasure!