Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cherished Children

Sundays are a day of delight, with my man and I enjoying each other;
It used to also be the day that I could enjoy being a mother.
So now we sit and greet the day having coffee by the water,
Watching together the boats as they leave the harbor.

We have extra snuggle time, because we're in no hurry,
And the children we may see are children who aren't our worry
We use the day for family time and visits to the elderly;
Of course, most the old folks we visit are related to me.

But what really makes my heart race with joyful anticipation
Is seeing young people in whose upbringing we had participation.
Our children, nieces, and nephews are now fully grown,
And many of them now have children of their own.

It is a delight to observe young people who share our values
To know that when narcissism calls, they reject it's pull.
Babies brought up by people of morally committed community
Are the future of what I hope our world comes to be.

1 comment:

  1. I certainly agree it is a pleasure to se the elderly of the clan, of course the clan think we are a part of that, since there are only two older than we.
    Also the clan off spring, which we see seldom, is always a delight.

    Good entry.