Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doubt and Devotion

Friendships, once formed, aren't easily broken,
Unless the word "friendship" is just a token
Of a relationship that stays on the surface,
Rather than life where we put others first.

We find ourselves torn by so many ties,
We can't keep up, no matter how we try.
I try very hard to leave large memories behind,
So that we'll always live in each others minds.

But there seems to always be strong longing
For the physical side to feelings of belonging,
The sight of a face, or the sound of a voice,
Perhaps a warm hug would be first choice.

The weight of emotion can be quite great
When we have so many people to celebrate.
How do others handle all they care about
Without beginning to, their devotion, doubt?

1 comment:

  1. friendships that are true friendships are never a problem. Friends can understand, friends ALWAYS KISS AND MAKE UP, if they are nto really friends, there is a lot of hurt.