Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giving Back My Blessings

Friends of my daughter have complimented me
On the woman that she has become.
I answer them quite honestly that I only had
Sense enough to leave her and her calling alone.
She heard a more powerful voice than I ever had.

Her grandmother, who died as the babe grew in my womb,
Must have imparted her spirit to her grandchild,
And the fierce will that her grandmother possessed
Guided her through daughter, wife, and motherhood.
I'm humbled to have been chosen to nurture this special gift.

Her daughters are brought up to be mighty women;
What great seekers of earthly justice they can be!
How blessed I am that their mother has kept the faith,
And has continued to be true to the calling she was given.
Example and protection being what parents are meant to do.

 I have come through the darkest night of my soul,
When I feared my daughter's motherhood may be cut short.
I became greedy to hear her values so that I could stand in her stead.
I am so very grateful that she has lived to accomplish her goals,
Something that her grandmother was sadly unable to do.

There is nothing to replace a sense of mission in our lives;
There is not enough entertainment or life's drama.
For everyone there is a calling, whether we hear it or not.
If we ask ourselves daily how can we best serve,
We will find many ways to give back our blessings.

My children embody of all the special in their ancestors;
They are strong, generous, and kind as people and parents.
I never felt that they were given to me as gifts to keep,
Only spirits that were lent to me that I must safeguard.
I give back now by allowing them to truly fly on their own.


  1. Yes, Yvette, a GREAT tribute to your daughters - and to you for allowing them to become adults who follow their own dreams! Very well said. Sorry I've not been here lately - but was flying "below the radar" lately. I'm back for now. My next treatment is Wednesday - and then there may be more cloudy flying. ☺