Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overwhelming Emotion

I believe that the energy that we create and share in our lives
Will live on as long as those whom we have touched survive.
And all they touch will be impacted by those we have touched
This is why what each of us does matters so very much.

So often the brilliance of life causes me to look away;
There is only so much emotion that I can bear to display.
I am so very passionate about everything that I feel,
That many run away because my emotions are too real.

I did not often share my awe of sunsets with my children;
Their expressions of awe and wonder should be left to them.
The greatest challenge that I've faced as an accidental mother
Is that my emotions tend to, my children's feelings, smother.

My children have developed their own awe and gratitude,
Not dependent on feeling my every emotion and every mood.
I believe that this is the most precious gift that I've given them:
To know where they and I begin and where our overlap ends.

They are each highly passionate, in their own ways;
This is something for which, over the years, I've prayed.
I believe that our  passion, not pain, leads us to forgiving,
And that life without passion is something not worth living;

We cannot live on fear or pain as our overwhelming feelings;
We must embrace the joys that can bring such great healing.
As long as we celebrate the gifts that we're given every day,
We won't worry about what the afterlife will bring our way.

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