Saturday, April 21, 2012

Personality, Payments, and Pride

Is it wrong to take payment for what one sees as a sacred mission?
Without food, clothing, and shelter our missions can't come to fruition.
Are we meant to sit alone and pray for falling heavenly manna?
Or are we meant to pursue our callings with our greatest stamina?

I believe that taking care of our own needs is our first responsibility,
But I've missed the ability to share our resources with society,
And I have longed for being able to share the gifts of our largess.
I don't know if this comes from pride; I must honestly confess.

I simply enjoy planting seeds and watching changes grow.
For metamorphosis to happen, there is dormancy, then show.
It seems that I was given an excess of forceful personality,
And people seem to be attracted to and follow me.

Several times, I have been called to be a catalyst for change;
During most of my years of service, my upkeep was arranged.
Now I find myself as, once again, a breadwinner.
Does taking money for my vocation make me a sinner?

My children are good parents who don't need my interference;
Their children are almost grown, and need not my recompense.
The skill I bring to life is the ability to spread passion
In the little mountain hamlets, these virtues aren't in fashion.

This area where even the weather is violent in its expression,
Where if one believes in something, it is accepted as obsession,
Is a good match for someone as passionate as I am?
Is this is a Divinely inspired part of my Eternal plan?

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  1. Giving and sharing go hand in hand with a message of Love.