Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some of The Spirit's Help

In the age past of strict patriarchy,
Women were considered responsibility free.
We are now blessed to have the choice of leading,
With the accompanying glory of succeeding.

I haven't before worked for a big company
Where people aren't really ever free
To do just as it pleases them to do.
In big companies, you're a part of a crew.

I am kind of liking divided responsibility,
Even though I suspect the blame will fall on me
If the  fundraiser doesn't raise enough funds
Permanent employees will, from responsibility, run.

I have no real mantel of authority 
So it's foolish to accept responsibility.
 I know this gives me the potential blame;
I'm being well-paid take the reigns.

Middle management can be challenging
With all the frustrations that it brings.
The upside is that I can walk away,
And begin guilt-free another day.

I'm working as hard as I possibly can
Enjoying being surrounded by humans.
I'm doing work that I know is important,
So I believe my time is still well-spent.

I do so hope that my work succeeds;
It will help fill our community's needs.
The only real pressure is within myself
I could use some of The Spirit's help.

1 comment:

  1. Much different, responsibility and blame, however the one responsible does get the blame.
    Responsiblity? The good take it without flinching, some for pay some for honor.

    I know you are one who can shoulder and carry more than your load to the finish line!!!