Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sun Sprites and Other Delights

I still miss the rainbows that played on our windows when we lived right on the water.
Ripples reflected sun sprites through an unseen prism, that danced delightedly to me.
I know that there are scientific explanations for fairy dust and magic moments,
But I've never cared about who are what is, only what to me seemed to be.

I'll never forget the first time I heard each grandchild laugh out loud
To something that delighted only the innocent child's perception;
Simply sharing the delight that the child shared with me was magic
Though I know many say baby smiles are gas; that's their projection.

Was it a teaching moment for a lesson in science and natural phenomena
When grandson said the gulls were laughing and the sun was a ball he could touch?
Or was it a good time to enjoy his belief in life's wonderful manifestations
That I hope he and my other grandchildren always enjoy ever so much?

I am glad that there are those who figure out the ways nature works,
And those who help to mold nature to our earthly health and benefit,
But I also celebrate the child's, artists' and philosophers' souls
That have no patterns into which all nature should be forced to fit.

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