Sunday, April 22, 2012

What We Must Ask Ourselves

Gayle wrote on her blog today: "Biblical poetry seems to be telling us that if we want to see God, the creator of heaven and earth, we should look to 'his image and likeness:'  that is, mankind in union with (of the same breath with) his creator, his fellow - man, and with the earth itself.  That is the harmony of paradise, where God freely walks and talks with man, where man freely walks and talks with his companion(s), and where man freely walks and talks with all of the earth."

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we are to wait for paradise after our deaths, or are we responsible for helping to create the harmony that we look forward to in Eternity while we walk the earth?

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  1. I enjoy a little heaven on earth, I am blessed. I think I am responsible to love, help and cheer my fellows here; not sure I can do much for the hereafter.