Monday, May 14, 2012

Committed Contact

If we have ever experience simply being loved,
That's as close as this life gets to heaven.
There are reasons sacred scriptures
Equate Divine love to that of women and men.

When we are truly loved as we are,
We stand naked before each other.
We don't feel the shame that causes us
To want our weaknesses covered.

The light of pure love can be so intense
That it causes our hearts and souls to break;
Many of us turn from this intensity,
And human compassion foresake.

Physical expressions of bonding
Are the ways we trade our energies,
Parents' strong arms around us
When we're weak, when they're pleased.

When we, too young, are left alone,
We are like abandoned cats,
Constantly trying to knead nurture
From empty physical vats.

Committed contact is a sacred celebration
Where all the love is allowed to explode.
It is the closest we get to seeing The Divine
In our earth-bound, human modes.

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