Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fallacy in Feminism

Ever since the dawn of the feminist movement, there has been much talk and writing about the Divine Feminine. There is a misconception in this movement that a female deity would necessarily be less competitive, more community-minded, and more honest. Those who promote these ideas have not really read history. Traditionally, women may use other talents in managing and manipulating others, but they are capable of bringing on as much destruction with their ways as are the most abusive of men.

Our animal selves only want for our own comfort and the survival of our selves in this and the next generation. Once our survival needs are met, we begin to look for comfort. The Divine in us is what helps us temper our desires and balance them against the needs of other creatures. The Divine in us is even willing to sacrifice our basic needs to the needs of others.

Even though I am not a feminist, I am seen as one by many because I will fight for the right to stand toe-to-toe with a man. I have mightily fought myself to overcome the wiles that I had been taught were the only way for a woman to get ahead in this world. I have worked hard to gain the trust of the men in my life and the trust of their women. I can truly say that I have many male friends; something that my generation taught was impossible.

The men of my generation still struggle with the concept that they can be friends with women. I believe this will continue as long as women and men continue to discount the importance of each others gifts. In the animal kingdom males are good only for procreation and protection. The male young are usually killed at birth, as it takes very few males to propagate and protect a population. We humans wait until our males are grown, and then send them to be slaughtered.

When we begin seeing ourselves as fully human by tapping into and sharing our Divinity, we will hopefully recognize that The Divine is neither male nor female, but a synergy of all the creative energies in the universe. There seems to be consensus that the whole universe has one single origin that some call God, some Yahweh, some Allah, some The Great Mother, some The Big Bang. I am comfortable with calling this source of energy The Spirit and The Divine.


  1. I still do not see in the near future humans being comfortable with men having many women friends and the same with women having a lot of men friends, for some reason WE as a generation find this concept hard to manage because of the jealousy and ego's of both sexes. Seems to work for awhile in some relationships then the BIG BANG, and not creation either.
    Well at least that is how I have seen life.
    I have no problem with equal pay, I can admit that many jobs are better done by women, but I still see a difference in the sexes where brute strength is required, on a continual basis.
    Mentally? Many times I think mentally, men are dwarfs, and very narrow minded.

  2. PS: That is except Me, Richard and Jack!

  3. I have lived under the tutelage of two of the greatest of women (my grandmother and my mother) and am married to a great woman. While my grandmother and mother served as ministers of the gospel in our church denomination at the rank of "Ordained Licensed Minister", they never attempted to usurp the authority of their husbands - nor the authority of those who were over them in the Lord.

    As to Divinity of mankind, I believe we are humans, created in the image and likeness of God. Of our own selves (without God) we are NOT divine. We are flesh and blood. We are carnal. But we can be/are transformed into a new creature the moment we accept the lordship of Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son.

    I'm sure that we can be friends with the opposite sex - but not when there is a disagreement on the part of our spouses!